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Cosmos-Sutjeska, Conference: the dream as the engine of this sport

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Cosmos-Sutjeska, Conference: the dream as the engine of this sport

For the second Thursday in a row I’m playing an international match valid for the return of Conference League. Cosmos, a formation that participates in the San Marino internal championship, and the Montenegrins of FK Sutjeska, representing the city of Nikšić, which took on this name in honor of the Yugoslav partisans who died in the battle on the river of the same name, in Bosnia, a fundamental sacrifice in the resistance against the ‘Nazi occupier.

Returning to current events, we arrive at today’s match after the narrow victory of the hosts in Montenegro, a score of 1 to 0 which also leaves some hope for Cosmos to be able to overturn the result at the San Marino Stadium or at least to fully play one’s possibilities. As important as the height difference is between a non-professional team and one that on balance and between the only two Montenegrin teams to have challenged the the big four, the big four of Yugoslav football, dreaming remains the primary engine of this sport. And the fact that dreams not so rarely turn into reality is their best fuel.

Just like last week in which I was able to see the organized support of FC Zimbru Chișinău at work, this evening too the away formation is followed by a fair number of ultras, gathered behind the Cyrillic patch “Vojvode 1988” while several other fans display the flag of Montenegro. The group, made up mainly of young boys, enters the stands compactly and is already noticed in the clothing: practically everyone wears a t-shirt of their own group, strictly black, while someone more isolated opts for the club shirt.

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Once the pennants have been exchanged by their respective captains and after the usual photos of the formations lined up in midfield, the visiting players go under the sector to greet their fans who have followed them away. Gesture that seems appreciated and that is immediately reciprocated with a good cheer, made up of a lot of voice and nice slaps participated by all those present.

In many respects, this match looks like a photocopy of the previous Thursday’s one, in the stands it is the guest cheer that dominates and also the home team of Cosmos, as well as La Fiorita, who have to be content with the support mainly coming from the kids in the youth sector, who finds the point of maximum exaltation at the momentary yellow-green advantage, which explodes the grandstand and all the players and the technical staff, who run onto the pitch to embrace the scorer of the evening, author of a nice shot from outside the area.

The advantage of the hosts, which would give them extra time, dampens the enthusiasm of the visiting contingent a bit who, in fact, in the central part of the match, either due to the disadvantage and/or the tiredness of the journey faced, weakens his support which loses its intensity and alternates relatively long pauses between one chorus and another.

Only in the second half did the away team find the equalizer, to the delight of their fans, despite the fact that the San Marino players did well on the pitch, proving they could play it. Thus the Monenegrin group is reborn and until the 90th minute there is a lot of support, which accompanies the team to the second round.

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At Cosmos, there is certainly a little bitterness in the mouth for not having managed to maintain the advantage and at least reach overtime, which seemed largely within their reach, despite this, at the end of the game, hugs and congratulations are wasted, aware that they have given everything on the field.

The players of FK Sutjeska are celebrating, under the sector of their fans, greeted by the choirs of the fans who have taken on this unprecedented trip to the ancient land of freedom.

Gilberto Poggi

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