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Coulibaly grows, it would be convenient but Salernitana has it in hand

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Two goals in seven games, a flattering statistical set and an ownership never questioned by that Fabrizio Castori who turned him at all costs to Salernitana, after trusting him in Carpi and Trapani. It is in fact with the shirt of the Campania grenade that Mamadou Colubaly is making himself appreciated, arousing natural attention also by Udinese who holds the card, and who in the future may need a player with his characteristics, especially if then Gotti will adopt the module change.

Credentials in hand, in fact, Coulibaly is successfully interpreting the tactical requests of Castori, who in Salerno used him in front of the defense as a left inside in 3-5-2, but also as a central couple in 3-4-1-2 adopted in some games, before the recent transition to 4-3-1-2. In short, there would seem to be no contraindications in a player whom Gotti himself had known and appreciated since last year, when he used him in the first four games of the season, and moreover in a qualitative context penalizing for the single, without Pereyra inserted in the engine and with a De Paul running in. All this took place before the transfer on loan to Salernitana, last January, with subsequent return to Udine in May and the new departure for Salerno endorsed on 26 July, when, however, the Bianconeri changed the formula of the transfer on loan with a contract that now it could turn out to be a boomerang, creating more than a few second thoughts. Because Coulibaly was indeed sold on loan, but with the formula “of the obligation to redeem linked to the achievement of certain conditions” and not “on a temporary basis with option and counter option”, as it was signed in January. In a nutshell, in the event of salvation Salernitana will have the obligation to redeem the midfielder for an amount already established (3 million), while in the event of relegation of the Campania region the Senegalese would return to Udinese with which he has a contract expiring in June 2022, or the last year of that five-year period with which Gino Pozzo bought it in 2017 from breaking latest news, also taking it away from the attention of Juventus, before filming it on loan several times among the cadets. –

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