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Countdown to the 2022 World Cup! Huge Rich + Epidemic + Are you ready for winter? _court

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Original title: Countdown to the 2022 World Cup! Huge Rich + Epidemic + Are you ready for winter?

The 2022 World Cup will be held on November 21 of that year. Every day in the future, we will gradually approach this tournament. Since Qatar won the right to host the 2022 World Cup, this tournament has attracted a lot of attention. The controversy behind the right to host, the wealthy Qatar’s investment at any cost, the unique Arab style, the competition under the epidemic, the first Winter World Cup… In one year, is Qatar ready?

Controversial World Cup

In December 2010, Qatar won the vote and won the right to host the 2022 World Cup. However, there has been controversy over whether Qatar has the conditions to host the World Cup, and rumors of Qatar’s election bribery during the bidding period have been repeatedly disclosed by the media. The US Department of Justice stated that the three South American members of FIFA’s 2010 Executive Committee — Brazil’s Ricardo Teixeira, the late Paraguayan Nicolas Leoz and an unnamed accomplice — were in Vote for Qatar to accept bribes when hosting the 2022 World Cup. In addition, the then UEFA President Platini voted for Qatar in the 2022 World Cup bid. Platini himself stated that he had secret talks with Qatar football official Ben Hammam before voting.

In addition, the Qatar World Cup held in the winter also aroused anger from the Western media. Western media believe that winter has a considerable impact on the health of athletes. Once players are troubled by injuries, then the club will also be hit hard. The players also have to choose between the national team and the club. Choosing any answer will be blamed by the other side. Of course, Qatar is also helpless to host the World Cup in winter. After all, Qatar is located in the tropics. Every summer, the average temperature in Qatar exceeds 40 degrees, and sometimes even soars to 50 degrees.

Not only that, while Qatar showed its financial resources to the outside world, it also exposed many domestic problems. The report said: In order to prepare for the World Cup, the Qatar government listed an ultra-high budget of 220 billion U.S. dollars and recruited 1 million foreign workers to build the stadium. But in the process of building the stadium, news of various exploitation of labor has been exposed continuously. British media have reported that a large number of workers died during the construction of the World Cup in Qatar, and even predicted that as many as 4,000 workers would eventually die in the World Cup.

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The first World Cup after the epidemic

At the beginning of 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic raged around the world, and sports events around the world were also hit hard. It is precisely because of this that the European Cup and the America’s Cup held in 2020 have also been postponed to the summer of 2021. Generally speaking, the European Cup and the America’s Cup are held two years before the World Cup. Because these two competitions are relatively long from the World Cup, they will not cause the aesthetic fatigue of fans all over the world. In view of the fact that the time between the European Cup and the America’s Cup is only one year away from the 2022 World Cup, the attraction of the 2022 World Cup to fans is also a question mark.

Not only that, this World Cup was launched against the background of the new crown epidemic, and this is also the first World Cup after the new crown epidemic. It should be pointed out that the current COVID-19 epidemic still shows no signs of improvement, and it is unknown how this epidemic will develop in the future. The hosting of the 2022 World Cup itself has many uncontrollable factors.

Close schedule + gospel of Chinese fans

The Qatar World Cup is determined to be held on November 21, 2022, and the final is scheduled to be held on December 18. This is also the first time in the history of the World Cup that the World Cup will be held in the northern hemisphere in winter. The 28-day schedule is the most compressed since the 1998 World Cup was expanded to 32 teams. Playing the World Cup in such a short period of time is a huge burden on the physical fitness of the players of the participating teams. In addition, since the World Cup was held during the European League matches, this has a very large impact on the European League.

However, it needs to be pointed out that the holding of this tournament is a boon for Chinese fans watching football. There is a 5 hour time difference between Qatar and Beijing. According to the schedule, the 8 teams will compete in 12 days. There are 4 games in the group stage every day, which are scheduled to kick-off at 18 o’clock, 21 o’clock, 24 o’clock in Beijing time, and 3 o’clock in the morning. 18 o’clock and 21 o’clock are golden points, and Chinese fans don’t need to stay up late to watch football in these two time periods.

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Luxury stadium

In order to welcome the arrival of the World Cup, Qatar has also carried out large-scale stadium construction. According to media reports, six of the eight stadiums hosting the World Cup have been completed, and the remaining two stadiums will be completed by the end of 2021. The opening game of the Qatar World Cup will be held at the Albert Stadium. The stadium has a design similar to traditional Arab tents and is equipped with a state-of-the-art retractable roof that can accommodate 60,000 spectators. The final venue will be the Lusail Stadium. , With 80,000 seats, is the largest stadium in this World Cup.

In addition to the luxury stadium, Qatar has carried out a series of infrastructure construction around the capital Doha, including the construction of subways, light rails, highways, and expansion of the airport. According to Chi-fang’s plan, the 8 World Cup stadiums have a shortest distance of 5 kilometers and a longest drive of 75 kilometers. They will be connected via highways, light rails, subways, shuttle buses and other transportation networks. The commuting time between any two stadiums will be within Within an hour. During the World Cup in Qatar, fans will have the opportunity to watch more than one game in the same day.

The Qatar World Cup is held in winter, but the daytime temperature in Qatar in winter still exceeds 30 degrees, and the humidity angle is at the same time. In order to make the game more comfortable for the players, the 7 stadiums in Qatar’s World Cup stadium are equipped with air conditioning systems, which can keep the temperature in the stadium at 20 to 25 degrees. It is reported that in addition to the large-diameter vents around the infield, small vents are also set up on the stands and under the seats to ensure that the entire stadium, including the players in the field and the spectators on the stands, can enjoy a comfortable Air-conditioning.

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Ten giants ready to go

The World Cup is the highest level of football competition, and the World Cup also has 10 favorite teams to win the championship. So far, eight giant teams from Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and England have won the qualifications for the 2022 World Cup. Although the two giants of Italy and Portugal have not won the qualifying spots, they have both got the opportunity to participate in the play-offs. The two teams still have the possibility of participating in the World Cup. From the probability of participating in the World Cup, the possibility of the two teams getting the qualifying spots Still great.

Brazil is the only team to participate in the 22nd World Cup, and it has won the World Cup 5 times and is the first in history. Argentina has Messi, a world-class superstar. Although there is no advantage in overall strength, the superstar element is eye-catching. Germany has changed coaches. Whether Frick, the champion coach who led Bayern to win the Triple Crown, has the magic power to make Germany win the championship again is also very interesting.

France is the champion of the 2018 World Cup, and the team has a neat lineup and overall strength. At the same time, it has a future superstar like Mbappé. The Gaul Roosters are the favorite team to win the championship in 2022. Spain has experienced some ups and downs after the peak, and is currently in the reconstruction period, but the beautiful football style is not diminished. The Netherlands is known as the uncrowned king of world football, but it has missed the European Cup and the World Cup consecutively. In the 2022 World Cup, the return of the Netherlands is worthy of attention. Belgium is the world’s number one team, and this Belgian national team player has reached the end of his career. Can the golden generation win the championship? England has always been the focus of world football. Will the Three Lions with many little monsters bring surprises to the world?Return to Sohu to see more


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