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Coupe de France, miss cities on the navigator and arrive on foot after seven hours of travel: eliminated

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Galeotta was an “they”. They had to go to Vabres, they ended up in Vabre. Only one consonant, but decisive for the sporting destiny of the Tarbes players, the French sixth division amateur team. Everything was ready for the challenge to Vabres rivals – Abbaye, who qualified for the fifth round of the French Cup. The tactics of the rivals had been analyzed in a meticulous way: it was a pity, however, that the route to the opponent’s field remained completely unknown. Already remained in the hearts of many fans for the feat of other amateurs – those of Calais – who in 2000 almost reached the sensational triumph in the final, the French Cup gave another moment of absolute folklore.

These are the facts: expected for kick-off at 6pm, the guests left Tarbes early, taking the bus to Vabres – l’Abbaye, a village of 1,200 souls in southern Aveyron. Unfortunately, a typing error on the satellite navigator sent them instead to the village of Vabre, in the Rodez complex, 80 kilometers north of the planned destination. Once the mistake was discovered, the Tarbes executives tried to remedy by engaging in a race against time to get to Vabres on time, but running into a series of vaguely Fantozzian misadventures: at first they found a road closed to traffic due to a cycling race, then they took the wrong road again, finally – spectacular turn of events – the players had to walk – and run – the last kilometer leading to the stadium. Fault of a bridge, too narrow for the social bus.

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“They called for the first time to say they would be a little late, that they would arrive around 6.15pm. Then at 18.25. But they never came. », Said Johan Mourão, coach – player of Vabres. “There is a bridge that separates the stadium that the buses cannot cross: the Tarbes players have arrived already changed and running”.

Result: after more than seven hours of empty travel, due to the abundant hour of delay and despite the fatigue of the players who reached the playing field out of breath, the referee decreed the defeat for Tarbes. Which was therefore forced to immediately take the way back.
The right one, hopefully.

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