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Covid Bulletin: today 21,554 cases and 63 deaths. Data for 10 June region by region

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Covid Bulletin: today 21,554 cases and 63 deaths.  Data for 10 June region by region

Rome, 10 June 2022 – Infection curve stable in Italia: I am 21,554 new cases in the last 24 hours, according to the bulletin today released by Ministry of Health. On the other hand, the figure for gods falls deaths: the victims of the virus today are 52 against 84 yesterday, even if after the recovery of several deaths that occurred before the number would be 63. In the meantime, the decline in hospitalizations and intensive care continues.

Covid, Shanghai returns to lockdown for mass test cycle

The bulletin of June 10

Here all the data from yesterday, June 9th


The last one monitoring of the ISS reports the first signs of a recovery of the virus: the incidence returns to rise after weeks of decline, and the percentage of cases detected through screening activities also increases. The ascent could be due to a “mini-bathing wave”, as also happened last summer in early July, or to the greater diffusion of the variant Omicron 5. A flash survey of the Ministry of Health to detect the prevalence of variants in Italy.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, the situation evolves differently: a Shanghai continue theZero Covid strategy nightmare. Only a week has passed since the lifting of the restrictions in the Chinese megalopolis, but the authorities have already announced new limitations and mass testing campaigns for seven other districts of the city, in addition to the Mihang one, already ‘in the sights’ since yesterday. The official data reported this morning by the Xinhua agency speak of 30 new confirmed cases local broadcasting across the Asian giant (1.4 billion people), six of them in Shanghaiand another 43 cases relating to asymptomatic subjects, five in the megalopolis.

Il Japanon the other hand, loosens the measures: the Land of the Rising Sun. reopens borders to foreign tourists for the first time in two years, although still with many limitations. The decision concerns 98 low-risk countriesincluding theItalia. However, the maximum limit of 20 thousand arrivals a day, and visitors can only tour in groups organized by local or affiliated tour operators. It is also required the subscription of a health policy for medical services in the country, as well as the use of the mask outdoors.

I’m 21,554 new cases Covid recorded in the last 24 hours, against 23,042 yesterday but above all 9,429 last Friday. THE tampons 170,097 processed (yesterday 179,127) with the positivity rate dropping from 12.9% to 12.7%. THE dead I’m 52 (yesterday 84), even if after the recovery of several deaths that occurred before the number would be 63. The total casualties since the beginning of the pandemic thus rise to 167,305. The terapie intensive they are one less (yesterday -2) with 24 daily admissions, and they are 196 in all. In the ordinary wards there are instead 72 fewer patients (yesterday -62), for a total of 4,162.

The region with the largest number of cases today is the Lombardy with 3,132 infections, followed by Lazio (+2.795), Sicily (+2.084), Campania (+2.070), Veneto (+1.973) ed Emilia Romagna (+1.845). Total cases since the start of the pandemic come to 17,611,607. The discharged / healed in the last 24 hours are 23,745 (yesterday 27,228) for a total that rises to 16,820,881. The currently positive ones are 1,796 less (yesterday -3,778) for a total that drops to 623,421. Of these, 619,063 are in home isolation.

Compared to 24,830 swabs carried out, they are 3,132 new positives (12,6%) in Lombardy. There are 1,095 new cases in Milan and its province, of which 504 in the city of Milan. There are 20 hospitalized in intensive care, like yesterday. There are 458 (-16) hospitalized patients not in intensive care. There are 11 new deaths.

Today in the Lazioout of 3,911 molecular swabs and 16,949 antigenic swabs for a total of 20,860 swabs, 2,795 new positive cases (1,694 in Rome city), while they are 8 deaths (+5). The ratio of positives to swabs is 13.3%. There are 470 hospitalized (-8), 31 in intensive care (stable).

I’m 2,084 new positives in Sicilyfor a total of 15,300 swabs carried out in the last 24 hours. Ten le deceased people on the last day with the total number of victims since the beginning of the pandemic reaching 11,040. At the hospital level, 527 patients are hospitalized with symptoms (37 fewer than yesterday), of which 25 in intensive care, two fewer than yesterday.

I’m 2.070 the positives of the day in Campania, detected against 12,966 tests examined (9,193 antigenic and 3,773 molecular). 1,854 antigenic and 216 molecular swabs gave positive results. THE deceased I am otto, three in the last 48 hours and five previously but recorded yesterday. There are 298 hospitalized to date, of which 13 are in intensive care and 285 are in hospital.

They continue at the rate of about two thousand a day i new cases of Covid-19 registered in Veneto: in the last 24 hours they are reported 1.973, for a total of 1,769,627 since the start of the pandemic. The regional bulletin reports 3 victims, with the total at 14,734. The current positives also rise, which are 28,521, 934 more than yesterday. Clinical data, on the other hand, decreased, with 458 admissions in the non-critical area (-7) and 22 (-1) in intensive care.

I’m 1,845 the new positives al Coronavirus in Emilia Romagna on 11,478 swabs, while hospitalizations remain stable and have been counted in the last 24 hours two deaths. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of people infected in the region has exceeded one and a half million (1,501,719). Currently there are 27 people in intensive care (+1 from yesterday), in the other Covid departments 660 (+9), while active cases rise to 17,639 (+549), 96.1% in isolation at home.

I’m 1,360 new cases of contagion identified in Puglia out of 9,520 tests, for an incidence of 14%. THE deathsinstead, they were due. Of the 18,271 people currently positive, 236 are hospitalized in a non-critical area (239 yesterday) and 14 in intensive care (yesterday 15).

In Tuscany i new cases of Covid are 1.103, detected on a total of 8,666 tests, of which 1,253 molecular swabs and 7,413 rapid antigenic. The rate of new positives is 12.73%, which increases to 60.8% on the first diagnoses. The hospitalized are 215 (-8), of which 16 in intensive care (-1). The victims of the virus in the last 24 hours are 7.

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