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Covid Germany: record deaths. Great Britain towards new restrictions – Foreign

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A Christmas market in Berlin

Rome, 8 December 2021 – While the Germany record a record of deaths for Covid – the highest number since last February 12 -, in Great Britain Premier Boris Johnson is about to announce a series of new restrictions, to stem the spread of variante Omicron. Three senior government officials told the Financial Times that the government has decided to implement the so-called ‘Plan B‘, including the requirement for a vaccination passport to attend public places and a new ordinance for work from home. The decision would come after days in which Downing Street was at the center of controversy because of the Christmas party that would have been held there last year, breaking the rules imposed with the pandemic.


And from the United Kingdom comes the strong appeal to those who hesitate to get vaccinated against Covid and take the third dose since Prince Charles and from consort Camilla. “We can only urge you to look at the evidence from our departments intensive care“, reads a statement released by the royals after they underwent the booster themselves. And they continue:” People who are not vaccinated are at least 10 times more likely to be hospitalized or die than those who received two vaccine doses “.

Record of deaths per Covid in Germany for 10 months. The country has registered 527 deaths in the last 24 hours, the highest number since last February 12, the international media have noted, however, underlining that the incidence rate of weekly cases is decelerating, from 432 to 427 infections per 100 thousand inhabitants.


An extraordinary session of the crisis unit of the Austrian government is underway to define the guidelines to stem the infection from Covid-19 from 13 December when, after three weeks, the lockdown for vaccinated people. Pending today’s press conference, starting from 13 December, all activities (trade, service providers such as hairdressers, gastronomy, tourism, culture, sport) with the exception of night catering, will be able to reopen only for people vaccinated and recovered by six months from the coronavirus. Individual Laender will be able to impose stricter measures based on the capacity of intensive care. Upper Austria will remain in lockdown for vaccinated and not vaccinated until December 17 while in Vienna, bars and hotels will not reopen until December 20, with extensive use of the Ffp2 mask and perhaps even ‘2G-Plus’ (vaccinated or cured and tampon molecular) in culture.

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