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Covid Italy: the incidence jumps to 155. Who goes into the yellow zone and who risks – breaking latest news

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Rome, December 3, 2021 – Il Covid gains space in Italy. L’weekly incidence nationally continues to increase: 155 per 100 thousand inhabitants (26/11 / 2021-02 / 12/2021) compared to 125 per 100 thousand inhabitants of the previous week. In the period 10 November – 23 November 2021, theRt half calculated on symptomatic cases was instead equal to 1.20 (range 1.12 – 1.28), above the epidemic threshold but decrease compared to 1.23 the previous week. It emerges from the data of the Covid Iss-Ministry of Health monitoring week, where it is emphasized that “the number of new cases not associated with transmission chains is strongly increasing (30,966 against 23,971 in the previous week”.


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Pressure on hospitals increases. The occupancy rate in intensive care is al 7,3% (Ministry of Health daily survey as of 02 December) up from 6.2% last week (Ministry of Health daily survey as of 25 November). The occupancy rate in medical areas nationally it rises to 9,1% (Ministry of Health daily survey as of 02 December) against 8.1% (Ministry of Health daily survey as of 25 November).

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The regions with the highest incidence see this week in first place Autonomous Province of Bolzano with 645.7 infections per 100 thousand inhabitants. Following it at a distance, there are 3 other regions that exceed 300, that is, well beyond the threshold level set at 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants: Friuli Venezia Giulia with 336.3 almost, Veneto with 317.1 e Valle d’Aosta with 309.1.

In general, the situation worsens a little throughout Italy. L’South Tyrol in the yellow zone from Monday, reaching the Friuli Venezia Giulia: this is what emerges from the indicators under examination in the control room. The Autonomous Province of Bolzano has now passed all three yellow parameters: ordinary hospitalizations are at 19.8% against the limit of 15% and intensive care at 17.5% against the limit of 10%. Friuli Venezia Giulia itself remains well above the threshold, with intensive care at 14.9% and hospitalizations at 23%. No other Region still has the three values ​​above the limits at the same time, but the hospitalizations of some are worrying (the incidence is everywhere well above 50, except in Basilicata, Molise, Puglia and Sardinia). In Veneto and Marche the intensives are already above the threshold: in Veneto they are at 10.5%, but ordinary hospitalizations are still far from 15%, at 8.9%, while in Marche the employment of resuscitation is at 12%, with ordinary hospitalizations at 9.5 %. High numbers in Lombardy, with hospitalizations at 13.4% and intensive at 7.3%, while the Lazio it has 10.8% of hospitalizations and 7.8% intensive. Boom of ordinary hospitalizations in Val d’Aosta, well above the threshold at 28.3%, balanced however by an occupational resuscitation firm at 3%.

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