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Cramps at rest? Here’s how to fix them

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Cramps at rest?  Here’s how to fix them

👉🏼 When I go to bed after training I often find myself suffering from #cramps in my toes. What can I do? It’s a #askedbyyou on the episode of Sunday 17 December at the #deejaytrainingcenter

Muscle cramps that arise at rest, such as when going to sleep or during the night, have a different cause than those that arise during sport.

In fact, cramps at rest can indicate a deficiency of the mineral #magnesium. Low levels of this mineral lead to muscle stiffening. As a result, you may suffer from cramps and spasms (e.g. trembling of the fine muscles around the eyelid or lips).

Supplementing #magnesium can help restore muscle tissue to its optimal state and relax the muscles. The most advantageous time to do this is right before going to sleep as it can also promote better quality sleep.

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