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Cremonese, Lecce fans don’t enter: and then neither do we…

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Cremonese, Lecce fans don’t enter: and then neither do we…

The Grigiorossi supporters will not enter the Curva Sud against Lecce in solidarity with the Giallorossi supporters who have been banned from traveling

The Cremonese ultras have officially announced that they will not be present in the Curva Sud dello Zini for Saturday’s match against Lecce at 3pm. The warm heart of gray and red support has asked for respect for the Salento fans who will not be able to attend the match. The Casms, the analysis committee for the safety of sporting events, in fact, has banned the trip to Lombardy for Giallorossi supporters residing in Puglia.

Here is the full note from the Cremo fans: “Football belongs to the people… So they said. Football is made up of emotions like the ones we experienced last night in Rome, in the away sector. Guest sector to be precise. That same guest sector that at Zini on the occasion of the match against Lecce will not be able to welcome Lecce fans residing in Puglia due to absurd restrictions. We consider this yet another stupidity born of those who prefer to ban rather than manage. Maybe because I’m not able to manage so. For this reason, we will not enter the south curve on Saturday, there is no stadium without freedom to travel, there is no stadium without emotions, there is no stadium if someone, due to absurd discrimination, cannot enter the away section. We don’t ask those who don’t share our values ​​to stay out but to respect our decision, we envy everyone not to display drapes or flags in the south, we will still be present at the stadium bar from 12. Free transfers “.

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