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Crisis Looms for Shui Qingxia’s Team: Uncertain Future for Chinese Women’s Football Coaching Position

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Shui Qingxia’s tenure as the coach of the Chinese women’s football team hangs in the balance as the team suffered heavy losses in all three major events this year. After the match between the Chinese and Korean women’s football teams on November 1, Shui Qingxia apologized publicly for her team’s failure to reach the semi-finals of the Asian women’s football qualifiers for the Paris Olympics. This defeat came just a day after she was named the “AFC Women’s Football Coach of the Year.”

The Chinese Football Association now faces the decision of whether to retain Shui Qingxia as the team’s coach. It has been reported that the coaching position will undergo a thorough evaluation, considering the team’s recent performance and the need for long-term planning. The association will also consider whether to change the coach and potentially bring in a foreign coach.

Shui Qingxia took over as the coach of the Chinese women’s football team two years ago, following the team’s defeat in the Tokyo Olympics. She led the team to win the Asian Cup three months later, bringing some relief to the team and fans. However, this success overshadowed the fact that the Chinese women’s football team has fallen behind its competitors, especially those from Europe and America.

Despite Shui Qingxia’s efforts to organize and motivate the team, the results have not been ideal. The team suffered heavy losses in the Women’s World Cup, the Hangzhou Asian Games, and the second stage of the Paris Olympic preliminaries. The team’s lack of mental strength and technical abilities have been evident in their recent performances.

The Chinese Football Association will not make hasty decisions regarding Shui Qingxia’s future. They have several options to consider, including retaining her as the head coach or assigning her a different role within the team. Hiring a high-level foreign coach or selecting a local male coach with professional player and coaching experience are also possibilities.

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In the next two years, the Chinese women’s football team will not participate in any major competitions. The team is facing a comprehensive update, and several veterans are expected to leave the team to transition to new careers. Wang Shanshan, Zhang Rui, and Lou Jiahui are among the players who will likely depart.

Following the conclusion of the Asian regional women’s football qualifiers, Shui Qingxia addressed the team in the locker room, expressing her gratitude to everyone and bidding farewell. The team will be temporarily disbanded, with players returning to their respective clubs or leagues. They will regroup at the end of November for international warm-up matches against the US women’s football team.

The Chinese Football Association acknowledges the importance of rebuilding the team and making strategic decisions for its future. It is a critical juncture for Chinese women’s football, and the association will take a thoughtful and prudent approach in shaping the team’s future.

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