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Cristiana Dell’Anna, the Patrizia of “Gomorra” becomes a saint. And Pope Francis approves

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Cristiana Dell’Anna, the Patrizia of “Gomorra” becomes a saint.  And Pope Francis approves

A strong woman, capable of building her career piece by piece. She going to study in London, she learning English to perfection, while she studied theater and she did the thousand jobs of those who she dreams, but she does not lose sight of reality. All this without forgetting his Napoliits roots: which led it to enter Italian homes with “A Place in the Sun“, And then to the role of Patrizia, strong and passionate, in”Gomorrah“, The series that gave her popularity.

Ma Christian Dell’Anna it didn’t stop there. That worldwide beloved television series, that Greek tragedy disguised as journey into the abyss of crime, it was only a stage in his journey. A path that led her to work with Mario Martone – “Qui I laugh” – with Paolo Sorrentino, to land in international cinema. And in her life, to choose Tuscany. Where she has been living for some time, in a beautiful place, in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: a Santa Fiora.

In these days, Christian Dell’Anna it was awarded at the BCT, Benevento Film and Television Festival. And she revealed her love for Tuscany.

Actress Cristiana Dell’Anna at the BCT Festival in Benevento (Instagram)

Cristiana, a Neapolitan who grew up in London and has now become a Tuscan by adoption. How did she go?

“For love, and of course also by chance. We found ourselves on Mount Amiata with Emanuele, my husband. And we immediately fell in love with the place. We found a farmhouse, and we settled there. Emanuele can work in smart working, and I – practically the day after our transfer – I received what appears to be a sign of destiny… ”.

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It was called as the protagonist in the Netflix movie “Toscana”, which turned out to be one of the international successes of the platform …

“Exactly! From evening to morning, I had a house and a set in Tuscany. That film – which we shot in English, on an estate in Pelago – made me love Tuscany even more. I loved and I love everything: the hills, the colors, the food, the people “.

Under that imposing and somewhat mysterious mountain, the Amiata, many artists have found refuge, actually …

“Yup! Andrea Camilleri loved to live there, and practically on the hill in front of ours has the house Laura Morante, who is originally from Amiata. And in Maremma we found a very good director, Francesco Falaschi – the author of ‘Emma sono io’ and ‘Quanto Basta’ – with whom we are developing a film project ”.

In the meantime, an important film has finished shooting in the United States, about a courageous and strong female figure: Francesca Cabrini (founder of the Congregation of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus). Who was she?

“Francesca Saverio Cabrini was the first American citizen declared a saint. At the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, this courageous woman traveled between Europe and America, buying land to build hospitals, schools, orphanages. She was an avant-garde, revolutionary woman who anticipated many of women’s achievements. Martin Scorsese would have already wanted to make a film about her in 1976: I was given the immense honor of representing her on the screen ”.

Cristiana Dell'Anna is known thanks to
Cristiana Dell’Anna is known thanks to “Un posto al sole” where she plays the twin sisters Micaela and Manuela Cirillo

Who directed the film, when is it coming out?
“The director is called Alejandro Monteverde, and the film is currently being edited. ‘Madre Cabrini’ will be released in the United States and then in Italy ”.

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We will also discover this Italian-American saint, protector of migrants, who seems to have invented the expression “Just do it!”. It wasn’t Nike, it was Francesca Saverio Cabrini. “Pope Francis wanted to see the first clips of the film”, he confides outside the interview, “and he is enthusiastic about them”. We couldn’t not write it.

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