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Cristiano Ronaldo evaporates 4 billion U.S. dollars in one action-DoNews

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Lu Yikai 2021-06-16 11:43:54

DoNews June 16th (Lu Yikai)On the last day of the first round of the European Cup group stage, Ronaldo finally led the defending champion Portugal to appear. They won 3-0 against Hungary and made a good start. Cristiano Ronaldo is the first to participate in the 5 consecutive European Cups in World War I, the first European player to play in the European Cup and the World Cup, and surpassed Platini to become the European Cup historical striker. Wang these three records.

Before the game, Ronaldo had already attracted everyone’s attention. This was due to a move he made at the press conference: removing the product of the sponsor Coca-Cola in front of him, and publicly calling on everyone to “drink more white water.” After the incident, Ronaldo’s superstar effect once again caused a huge impact. Coca-Cola’s stock price once fell, and the market value of 4 billion US dollars was evaporated!

It is reported that after Ronaldo moved the picture of Coca-Cola to become popular on the Internet, in the US stock market on Tuesday, local time, Coca-Cola’s share price fell to 55.22 US dollars, compared with 56.1 US dollars at the close of last Friday, a drop of 1.6 percentage points, which is quite A total of 4 billion US dollars in market value evaporated at the time. However, as the world‘s top brand, Coca-Cola has demonstrated its resilience to rebound. The stock price rose to $55.44 before the market closed, limiting the single-day decline to 0.2%, compared to the 1.2% drop at the close of the market last Friday. .

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The Coca-Cola Company has issued a statement in response to Ronaldo’s behavior. They said: “Everyone has different tastes and needs for beverages, and they are free to express their preferences for beverages.” The company’s spokesperson also added: “At the press conference, in addition to Coca-Cola in front of the players, there was also Coke Zero and white water.”


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