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Cristiano Ronaldo’s 5th World Cup is expected-Entertainment-Daguan-Market Information Network

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s 5th World Cup looks forward to

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Original title: Ronaldo’s 5th World Cup is looking forward to

What would the World Cup be without Ronaldo? I am afraid that someone should have imagined this situation before the game between North Macedonia and Portugal. After all, Italy was eliminated by this Balkan team before. However, the Portuguese did not give their opponents a chance to upset their opponents in a row. In the early morning of the 30th, after a clean 2-0, Portugal advanced to the World Cup for the 8th time in team history, and this will also be Ronaldo’s 5th consecutive World Cup participation. How many people in history have done this? Counting his life-long “enemy” Messi, there are only 5 people. The first 4 are Mexican Carl Bajar, German famous Mateus, and Italian goalkeeper Bu. Feng and another Mexican legend, Max.

“The goal has been achieved, and we have entered the Qatar World Cup! Thanks to all the Portuguese for their unremitting support! Portugal, come on!” This is what Cristiano Ronaldo posted on his personal social platform after the team qualified for the World Cup. In one hour, he has gained 2.45 million likes, and his influence is evident. According to the data, this will be the fifth time Ronaldo has participated in the World Cup and the 10th time he has participated in the World Series.

Specifically, since the European Cup in 2004, Ronaldo has never missed any competitions. In the past 18 years, he has participated in 5 European Cups and 4 World Cups, and every Intercontinental competition , he can score goals, making him the only player in history to score in nine consecutive World Series. Ronaldo scored 7 goals in the World Cup, ranking second only to Eusebio in Portuguese history. In the Qatar World Cup, he is expected to continue to rewrite history.

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Unlike in the past, which relied on Ronaldo to turn the tide, this game against North Macedonia, the Portuguese team relied on the whole team. The B fee, who scored twice in this campaign, is naturally the first creditor, but Ronaldo, who provided him with assists, also contributed. Must not be. In the case that the attack group in the frontcourt was in the state, the unpopular did not appear in the end, the Portuguese successfully won the opportunity to compete in the World Cup, and the “Mero” air battle will also be staged again. This may really be the last time on the Rift Rivals stage.

Cristiano Ronaldo, born in 1985, and Messi, born in 1987, are both in the late stages of their careers. Although participating in five consecutive World Cups is commendable enough, they have failed to get their hands on the Gold Cup. Compared with Messi, who has entered the final, Ronaldo actually has more regrets. In 2006, he participated in the World Cup for the first time. The team entered the top four under the leadership of the “Golden Generation”, but unfortunately lost to France and Germany one after another. , get fourth. In the next three competitions, the Portuguese failed to surpass this result. In the 2022 Qatar World Cup, whether Cristiano Ronaldo, who will be 37 years old by then, can lead his team to attack the championship is really exciting.


World Cup first team confirms Melo will not meet in group stage

As Portugal defeated North Macedonia 2-0 and successfully qualified for the World Cup, the first team of this competition was all produced. According to the calculation of the data website, the current top 7 FIFA points are Brazil, Belgium, France, Argentina, England, Spain and Portugal, plus the host Qatar team, these 8 teams will determine the first position in the draw. It means that Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who are also participating in the World Cup for the fifth time, will not meet in the group stage.

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Since only the top 27 of the top 32 are currently available, and the remaining 5 spots will be created in the subsequent games, so in addition to the complete determination of the first-tier teams, it is not entirely clear what the remaining third-tier teams are. produce. According to the relevant results, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Uruguay, and Croatia will be identified as the second pot, Iran, Japan, Morocco, Serbia, Poland, and South Korea will be identified as the third pot, Cameroon, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Ghana. Determined in fourth gear.

According to the arrangement, FIFA will update the specific FIFA points and rankings of each team on March 31, and the World Cup draw will be held at 0:00 on April 2. Regardless of the ranking, since the top 7 teams have been determined, they are also ranked 5th. Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who have participated in the World Cup for the second time, will not meet in the group stage.

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