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Cross-Straits Youth Unite at Asian Games Baseball Field to Foster Friendship and Promote Exchanges

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Youth from both sides of the Taiwan Strait gathered at the Asian Games baseball and softball field in Shaoxing, China, to promote exchanges and strengthen friendships through sports. The “Cross-Straits Unite to Welcome the Asian Games and Forge ahead to the Future” Cross-Strait Youth Friendship Event took place on August 12 at the Zhejiang Shaoxing Baseball (Softball) Sports and Cultural Center, where 80 young people from Shaoxing and Taiwan participated in the event.

The participants showcased their baseball skills, including passing, catching, and hitting, as they engaged in friendly matches. Shao Zhenhong, a Taiwanese baseball coach and former professional player, emphasized the importance of teamwork and communication skills in baseball. He guided the Shaoxing youths on the field, teaching them various techniques and strategies.

The event was held at the venue for the baseball and softball events of the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games, providing an opportunity for the participants to experience the atmosphere of the games firsthand. Shaoxing is utilizing the Asian Games to create a baseball future community, focusing on themes such as future neighborhood and future low-carbon. The young participants also had the chance to visit the baseball and softball stadiums and experience innovations like unmanned bus lines, immersing themselves in the concept of the “Smart Asian Games.”

Zhang Jinman, chairman of the Shaoxing Taiwan Association, stated that this event aimed to utilize baseball and softball as a means to foster mutual understanding and friendship between young people on both sides of the strait. By taking advantage of the Asian Games, the event served as a bridge for cultural exchanges and enhanced cooperation between the youth of China and Taiwan.

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