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Cruz Azul: Juan Escobar accused Iván Alonso and defended Martín Alselmi

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Cruz Azul: Juan Escobar accused Iván Alonso and defended Martín Alselmi

Former Blue Cross Defender Juan Escobar Speaks Out Against Sports Director

By Juan Manuel Marino

Updated on 02/28/2024 – 6:50 p.m. CST

The departure of Juan Escobar from Cruz Azul was mired in controversy and accusations, with conflicting versions about the reasons behind it. It was believed that the defender was reluctant to compete for a position with younger players and had clashed with the coach following a preseason friendly decision.

Escobar bid farewell to the fans of La Maquina and swiftly signed with Deportivo Toluca. Despite denying any intention to leave previously, the Paraguayan player finally revealed who he believes was responsible for his departure – and it wasn’t the coach.

In a recent statement, Escobar pointed the finger at sports director Iván Alonso, attributing his exit to a breakdown in harmony between himself and the coach. He emphasized that there was no conflict with coach Martín Anselmi, whom he praised for his work, but singled out Alonso as “the culprit” for disrupting the previously established rapport between player and coach.

“I never said I had an issue with Anselmi’s arrival. Everyone knew I spoke highly of him and his work. The sports director was more to blame, as I had already resolved things with the coach before an unexpected situation arose,” Escobar explained in an interview with ESPN.

Furthermore, Escobar expressed regret that his departure from Cruz Azul was handled unceremoniously, stating that it was not the way he would have wanted to leave after his contributions to the club. Despite this, he acknowledged the reality of the situation and expressed a willingness to move forward.

With fans and pundits divided on the issue, a survey has been launched to gauge public opinion on Escobar’s statements. As the defender looks to the future with Deportivo Toluca, the fallout from his exit from Cruz Azul continues to unfold.

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