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Cuadrado and Dybala knock down Genoa 2-0, Juventus launches in pursuit of the Champions area

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After Salernitana, also Genoa: Juventus signs the second consecutive 2-0 and wins the 3 points that allow them to overtake Fiorentina, Rome and Lazio in the standings. And reach fifth place, with a view of the Champions area 7 points away. That is the minimum objective of Allegri, that is the minimum objective of the club and above all the fans. Who hope for another 2-0 like this, perhaps without suffering like this. Not behind, where Shevchenko’s Genoa combines little and nothing to worry Szczesny. But in attack, where the bianconeri waste many, too many opportunities for the goal of tranquility after the sensational blitz of Cuadrado who opened the game directly from a corner kick on 9 ‘. In the end Dybala closes it with 8 ‘from the end, after looking for the goal throughout the match. And Juve is back in the standings: Juventus no longer have obstacles for the top four goal. If not herself.

Juve, the new module works: 27 shots on goal and 2-0 bis. This is how the Champions area approaches

Christian Rocca


The first half
A muted start, with the Bianconeri masters of ball possession and Genoa putting pressure on with the two strikers Bianchi and Ekuban. Two shivers, but small, near Sirigu with a slip by Morata that barely touches the delayed postponement of the goalkeeper and a shot to the stars by Bernardeschi. Then at 9 ‘, surprisingly, the game changes. Juventus took the lead with a sensational goal from Cuadrado who scored directly from a corner kick. The Colombian’s trajectory is impregnable, to climb over Sirigu and chip the crossbar before entering. A curiosity: the one directly from the corner is called “Olympic Goal” because the first to score in this way was Cesareo Onzari in 1924 with his Argentina against Uruguay, fresh champion of the Olympics. Juventus ahead against Genoa and still willing to overturn forward in pressing with the rossoblùs looking for a new set-up.


Without success, because the minutes pass and the reaction is all in a (too) insistent dribbling by Ekuban in the Juventus area. And it is still Juve to be seen in Sirigu’s parts with Dybala between the lines and Morata willing on the whole front of the attack. On Dybala’s foot, the best opportunity for doubling occurs, in the 26th minute, but it is not his: with his right hand he first kicks on a wall of Genoa shirts, then he tries the second shot on the fly and the ball goes through the roof.


In the 37th minute Juventus insisted after a corner kick rejected by the rossoblù, Pellegrini from the left found Bernardeschi brushing for De Ligt who found a great blow from Sirigu’s kidneys. Morata could reply but the former Toro is good at making the ball his own after the weak touch of the Juventus punter. Two conclusions one meter from the goal, nothing done for Juve. The bianconeri remain in control of the match, with Genoa not received, but the goal of tranquility does not even reach 5 seconds from the end, when Juve goes on the counterattack with Dybala who starts a cross that perfectly cuts the area for Morata but the Spaniard concludes central. Sirigu still present, Juventus 1 Genoa 0 at half-time.


The recovery
Allegri immediately plays his first card from the bench: inside Alex Sandro, outside Pellegrini. 5 minutes pass and it is Dybala again who stifles the cry of joy: receives at the edge of the penalty area, the ball is adjusted with the sole and then the left-handed explodes who touches the intersection of the poles. Another 120 seconds pass and Morata does everything by himself, wedging from the left: his right is strong and precise but Sirigu stretches out once again and says no.


After another attempt from far away by De Ligt, Shevchenko tries to shake his team with Pandev in place of Flavio Bianchi, Galdames for Behrami and the former Juventus player Portanova for Touré. The shock comes more for minimal defensive distractions from Juventus, which, however, does not risk much. On the other hand, she starts again, launched by Kulusevski’s gallops like the one at 18 ‘which opens the way for Bernardeschi’s conclusion – diverted -. A minute later Cuadrado also tries in tow after a good initiative by Morata, but Cambiaso makes a wall. Same fate for Locatelli’s conclusion from outside the area, while climbs back to the Sirigu chair on Dybala left alone to conclude and again on Morata. The rossoblù embank in trouble and remain clinging to the game.


The game flows, Juve do not double and the Ligurians are more dangerous with Pandev, who also manages the leaks forward despite being accompanied by the only, and imprecise, Ekuban. A surgical Chiellini is needed to stem the rossoblù blitz in the 25th minute led by the Macedonian. For Allegri it is Kean’s moment, replacing a nervous Morata. And in fact he quarrels with Allegri leaving the field, with the coach scolding him for the yellow card just taken for protests against the referee and the Spaniard responding in kind.


It seems a tired phase of the match, but Bernardeschi finds the right corridor for Dybala and Joya does everything perfectly: steals the time from the rossoblù defense with control, loads the left-handed and stabs Sirigu diagonally. After a couple of mistakes, in the end it is right Dybala who in the 37th minute closes the games against a Genoa too close to the ropes to recover. Just missing, Genoa offers even less to reopen it. After an entire match on the ropes but with pride, the rossoblù raise the white flag.



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