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Cuban Baseball Welcomes Top Velocity: An Unprecedented Event for Improvement

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Cuban Baseball Welcomes Top Velocity: An Unprecedented Event for Improvement

Cuban Baseball Prepares for Unprecedented Training with Top Velocity

Cuban baseball is facing numerous challenges, but the sport continues to produce talented players who are eager to improve and reach new heights. In an effort to address these challenges and provide opportunities for growth, Top Velocity, a renowned training company, is set to arrive in Cuba on September 26 and 27 to hold a clinic for a select group of coaches.

Two highly experienced specialists in pitching arrived in Cuba on Monday, September 25 to prepare for the upcoming clinic. Top Velocity, widely recognized for its expertise in training pitchers, sent these prestigious trainers to offer their knowledge and techniques to 40 Cuban specialists in the field.

The clinic, taking place at the Latin American stadium, marks an unprecedented event for Cuban baseball. The renowned CEO of Top Velocity, Robert Michael Garcia, an expert in pitching biomechanics, will be leading the charge in improving the skills of the Cuban coaches.

With over 15 years of experience in training pitchers, Top Velocity has become a trusted name in the world of baseball. Their clinics cover various aspects such as throwing speed, hitting speed, catcher Sub 2.0, weight training, speed and agility, arm care, and nutrition.

The schedule for the clinic includes a day of theoretical preparation on September 26, followed by demonstrations and practical training on September 27. This unique opportunity promises to provide Cuban coaches with updated techniques and knowledge that can contribute greatly to the development of Cuban baseball.

The arrival of Top Velocity to the island is highly anticipated as it offers a much-needed source of expertise and resources for the struggling Cuban baseball. The academy, based in the US with a subsidiary in Boca de Raton, Florida, has a strong track record in developing pitchers.

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The anticipation is high as coaches hope to achieve great results and tap into the wealth of knowledge available through the Top Velocity Academy. The ultimate goal is to strengthen Cuban baseball by embracing the opportunity to learn from one of the best training organizations in the world.

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