Home Sports Cupra Padel Tour, Di Biagio: “Sooner or later we will arrive in Wimbledon …”

Cupra Padel Tour, Di Biagio: “Sooner or later we will arrive in Wimbledon …”

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Cupra Padel Tour, Di Biagio: “Sooner or later we will arrive in Wimbledon …”

The former midfielder and coach of the Under 21 national team has fun in breaking latest news. “Sport is fundamental for the growth of social relations. The Scudetto? I see better Milan and Napoli”

The Cupra Padel Tour 2022 never stops: last weekend it was played in breaking latest news, in a tournament that started more than 4 months ago that is embracing all of Italy. The tour will end at the Villa Pamphili Padel Club in Rome from 29 to 31 October, with the Cupra Padel Experience. An event that, in addition to great entertainment, is characterized by the presence of many testimonials, especially among former footballers. This time it was Gigi Di Biagio, an all-round padel enthusiast: “I’m a right-wing player who tries to support his teammate, I enjoy myself like many former players. I believe that the padel player Di Biagio is similar to the midfielder Gigi. I also say that in general the characteristics of former players are seen unchanged on the padel field ”.


And at the Cupra Padel Tour there is also room for dreams. “Padel in Wimbledon or in a football stadium? It will come to this – continues Di Biagio – the numbers say it. This sport is a way to increase social relations, on and off the pitch. It is a way to create friendships, playing a fun sport “. Then, as former coach of the Under 21 national team, Di Biagio also talks about Roberto Mancini. “He is doing a great job, in a difficult situation, in which fewer and fewer Italians are emerging. His actions were questioned, with these two Nations League matches he made it clear once again that he had a lot to give ”. And on the weekend the Serie A championship will also restart, with non-stop commitments until 13 November, the last day before the start of the World Cup in Qatar. “Favorite? It cannot be said, it is too strange a championship. I can say that Milan and Napoli play better than the others and if you perform well, sooner or later you will also collect results ”.

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