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Da Rold recovers two sets, but then gives in to Garlasco in the fifth

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Da Rold recovers two sets, but then gives in to Garlasco in the fifth

Bittersweet trip for Da Rold Logistics, on stage with the new and original yellow outfit. Bitter, because the eighth defeat in the Serie A3 Credem Banca championship matured in Pavia. Sweet, because the passive reaches the tie-break. And after the Rhinos were down 2-0 in sets count, against an almost infallible Moyashi Garlasco in the first half of the match. The people of Belluno, however, have always believed in it.

And they managed to put a situation back on its feet that seemed irreparably compromised. Also thanks to the contribution of the “problem solver”: Massimo Ostuzzi. Coming off the bench, Max contributed to the comeback with a 14-point effort, enhanced by an ace, a block and a brilliant 67 percent offensively. The positive streak of three races is therefore interrupted, but the DRL maintains the fifth place in the standings.


Turning to the news, the start is in slow motion, also because the hosts attack with very good percentages and make few mistakes. Not surprisingly, they stamp the first break at 13-8, while Puliti’s ace is worth 16-10. The DRL tries to exploit one of the rare mistakes in the reception of the Lombards with Mozzato (20-17). But in the long run she is forced to give way. And the script doesn’t seem to change even when changing sides, if it’s true that Moyashi immediately takes a decent margin (14-10) and then extends with Peric’s ace. Set closed? No, because Guolla packs a winning serve, coming on from the bench (18-16), Baciocco sends the 19-18 ball out and a foul under the net is equal to 21. The epilogue, however, is in the sign of the Croatian Stipe Peric, who signs the last two points. Including the ace of 25-23, facilitated by the tape.


With their backs against the wall, a reaction is needed. And he arrives on time, also thanks to Ostuzzi’s splendid impact on the match. In the third round, the Bellunese quickly doubled their opponents (3-6) and gradually took off (8-15). Until you never look back. Not even in the fourth act, in which Colussi’s boys flee to +5 (9-13) and are able to repel the landlords’ attempt to come back. Which make the rhinos breathe down their necks (17-18), but fail to question the set. In this regard, Giannotti fires off the counterattack of 20-23, Graziani is surgical with a lob (21-24) and the Dolomite wall becomes impassable: 21-25.


We go to the tiebreak. And the expert Giannotti unleashes all his power, as well as his class: the 8-5 already seems like a sentence, but Guastamacchia scores two blocks for the 9-9. So we continue on the wire until 12-12: only that Ostuzzi misses from 9 meters, while Giannotti counterattacks in a winning way and gives two match balls to him. Graziani cancels the first, but it is still the unleashed Giannotti who nails the decisive ball.


«There is a bit of regret – analyzes coach Gian Luca Colussi – given that we lost due to a couple of details, but the awareness of having given life to an excellent performance remains. After the difficult start, we managed to play at a good level. From this trip, let’s take the positive things. And there are so many.”


MOYASHI GARLASCO: Baciocco 13, Peric 14, Giannotti 24, Bellucci 2, Giampietri 7, Clean 8; Calitri (L), Accorsi, Agostini 3. Ne Calaniello, Minelli, Noè (L), Pecoraro. Coach: V. Bertini.

FROM ROLD LOGISTICS BELLUNO: Maccabruni 2, Novello 19, Saibene 4, Graziani 12, Mozzato 10, Guastamacchia 9; Martinez (L), Guolla 1, Ostuzzi 14. Ne Paganin, Stufano, Candeago, Galliani, Pierobon (L). Coach: G. Colussi.

REFEREES: Simone Cavicchi from La Spezia and Roberto Russo from Genoa.

PARTIAL: 25-20, 25-22, 17-25, 22-25, 15-13.

NOTE. Duration set 26′, 30′, 27′, 31′, 19′; total 2h13′. Garlasco: 15 wrong hits, 3 winners, 11 blocks. Belluno: bs 19, v. 9, m. 9.

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