Home Sports Da Rold redeems herself: she wins the third derby out of three in Montecchio and flies to fifth place

Da Rold redeems herself: she wins the third derby out of three in Montecchio and flies to fifth place

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Da Rold redeems herself: she wins the third derby out of three in Montecchio and flies to fifth place

Another derby bears the imprint of the Rhinos. Da Rold Logistics wins the midweek match of the men’s A3 series championship against Sol Lucernari. In Montecchio Maggiore, coach Gian Luca Colussi’s boys have the upper hand in three sets. Three, like the number of Veneto derbies won in this first round by the Belluno team, who after conquering San Donà di Piave and having asserted the home advantage against Monselice, last night also took full loot in the Vicenza area.

The dolomites quickly dismiss last Sunday’s bad knockout at the Spes Arena (a 3-0 win in favor of WiMore Parma, the result of their worst performance of the season) and relaunch themselves, both in terms of morale and in the standings, because they catch Macerata in fifth place, bypassing Parma and detach San Giustino.

In the initial sextet, Colussi lines up Maccabruni to dribble and Novello opposite, Graziani and Ostuzzi act on the bands, Mozzato and Stufano (confirmed, after last Sunday’s good performance when, however, he had only entered during construction) in the center, with Martinez ( who lived a challenge within the challenge: on the other side of the net was his brother Ignacio) in the role of free.

What makes the difference is above all the opposite Marco Novello, 22 points and three blocks.

“Head, intelligence and above all a great desire to go for every ball” were, according to the strong second place in the DRL, the winning weapons of the Belluno team.

In the first set, after a constant point by point, the guests try to leave (ace by Ostuzzi for 21-19) but at the end of the partial they are overtaken by the Vicenza players who arrive on 24-23 thanks to an excellent serving turn by Ignacio Martinez. Novello cancels the first set point (24 all) and, after the overtaking ace signed by Graziani, scores the point of 26-24.

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In the second set Montecchio tries to equalize the score of the partials. At 17-13 in favor of the home team, coach Colussi calls a timeout and it’s good because, when the game resumes, Da Rold Belluno dragged by the usual Novello impacts on 19 all. The finish is still in the name of balance. But the service proves once again to be a strong point of the Bellunese, and in particular of Graziani, who from the nine-meter line shoots the serve which is again worth 26-24.

Finally, in the third set, Da Rold Logistics gives the impression of controlling the match from the first to the last point and action after action gains ground by increasing its margin. The maximum advantage (+7) also coincides with the final result of the set: 25-18.

«It’s a 3-0 that we wanted with all our heart and strength», comments coach Gian Luca Colussi at the end of the game, «after a dull match like last Sunday’s, to say the least, we owed it to ourselves. Well done all the boys.”

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