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D’Agostino unleashed a double for the three points

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A brace from D’Agostino in the first half hour of play allows the leaders of group C of the first category Montanaro to conquer the pitch of the CGC Aosta 1-2 and be able to continue to watch everyone from above. However, it was not an easy match for the Montanarese, as the team of Mr. Giammarco Morisi found a very aggressive and determined team. A match that has already been unlocked in the 25th minute when, on the development of a corner, D’Agostino heads at the near post and surprises everyone and deposits the ball on the net. The advantage galvanized the Montanaro, who soon afterwards also doubled: on the sure shot of Piovesan, in fact, the referee saw a hand intervention by Nigra and granted the bassocanavesani a penalty kick. Given the absence of the playmaker Zarantonello, D’Agostino takes charge of the transformation, who is good at beating Salvati again. The home goalkeeper engages in a real duel with D’Agostino in the first half, given that in the 42nd minute he is good at denying him the joy of the hat-trick. At the beginning of the second half, when the game seemed to be on ice, Macrì reopened it, but the Montanarese rearguard managed to repel any threat to the sender, thanks also to the contribution of the midfielders in the retreat phase. In the second half, however, Montanaro also close to 1-3 with Spilla. –

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