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Dancing with the Stars 2021, Morgan surprises everyone. Well Arisa and Mietta – Magazine

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Rome, 17 October 2021 – Dancing with the Stars 2021 (here the full cast) opens on the notes of ‘Noise’ by Raffaella Carrà – to which the Rai Auditorium of the Foro Italico will soon be entitled – and with the re of the Italian TV, Pippo Baudo, dancer for one night. Eyes on Morgan which surprises everyone.

The curtain rises on sixteenth edition of the famous dance show of Raiuno, led by Milly Carlucci, flanked as always by Paolo Belli. After the customary presentations – from the jury to the people’s jury (Rossella Erra) passing through the public who returns to the studio and without forgetting the commentators where the new entry responds to the name of Alessandra Mussolini (dressed like a blue wedding favor) – the hostess, in total white, kicks off the dances.

The actress breaks the ice Valeria Fabrizi and the teacher (new) Giordano Filippo: the couple dances cha cha cha to the notes of the summer 2021 hit ‘Bongo Cha Cha Cha’. The two win 27 points. The former footballer Fabio Galante and the teacher (new) Giada Lini they jive to the song ‘Gloria’. “He seemed to have a pebble in his shoe, he was out of time” ruled Fabio Canino and also the other jurors crush him (14 points total). But the public likes it.

The VIP hairdresser, Federico Fashion Style e Anastasia Kuzmina they dance the cha cha cha to the notes of ‘Mi vendo’. For the jurors it is too conventional and they ask for more. The dance takes 21 points, Kuzmina is not there and attacks the jury. The lyricist Memo Remigi e Maria Ermachkova they go wild with boogie woogie based on ‘Rolls Royce’. “Memo threw himself, which Federico did not do“Selvaggia Lucarelli thunders. The dance wins 33 points and Memo becomes ‘Memo Fashion Style’.

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The MotoGp rider Andrea Iannone e Lucrezia Lando they ignite the track with a full-rock paso to the notes of ‘Shut up and good’ by Maneskin but do not convince the jurors (22 points). Singer To the bathroom and the teacher (new) Oxana Lebedev who is injured (injured in rehearsal and has a leg brace). The couple offers tango, the audience applauds, Lucarelli looks like Romina Power, Al Bano kisses the stage and Mariotto gives zero (24 total points).

The model Bianca Gascoigne (daughter of footballer Paul) e Simone Di Pasquale they propose the hi-hat that wins over the jury. “I love you“says Mariotto and gives her 10 (40 points in total). Tango ‘caliente’ for the sexy one (all in lace) Sabrina Salerno e Samuel Peron who score 38 points.

It is then the turn of Morgan (with the teacher Alessandra Tripoli): the singer-songwriter has already sparked controversy on the eve of the show regarding his stay. But he reassures everyone: “I want to win“. The Charleston is full of applause and votes (47 total of which three ten), Morgan is out of breath but promises to behave well.

Singer Mietta e Maykel Fonts they dance a fiery and perfect bachata (42 points). The body Valerio Rossi Albertini e Sara Di Vaira they perform in a ‘scientist’ tango that does not convince the jury (24 points). The singer’s hi-hat Arisa and the master (new) Vito Coppola gets 35 points, while the rugby player is full muscle Alvise Rigo e Tove Villfor boogie which is worth 33 points.

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It’s time for the counts. There provisional ranking see al first place Morgan (47 points), second Mietta and third Gascoigne while at the bottom of the ranking there are Galante with 14 points, penultimate Federico Fashion Style with 21, third from last Iannone with 22. The treasure of 50 points (won by Pippo Baudo without dancing) goes to Arisa which stands at the top with 85 points.

After the votes of audience from home, the top three are Arisa, Morgan and Mietta who earn a bonus 10 points for the second episode.

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