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De Cian and the three logos on the jersey of the Dolomites. “Being united is growth”

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Paolo De Cian presents the new jersey of the Belluno Dolomites

Belluno, Union Feltre and San Giorgio Sedico stand out in the uniforms. “It’s a precise choice, those who say that we have ruined the three partnerships are wrong”

They are and will always be there, even if no longer on the pitch as they were until a few months ago. And it is not a cliché, because Belluno, San Giorgio Sedico and Union Feltre will really continue to be an integral part of the Belluno Dolomites.

Even just visually, no one will ever forget the origins. The three historic logos stand out on the jerseys of the Belluno Dolomites, diagonally on the upper right side of the kit, while the new logo is placed on the left. A choice that is undoubtedly not obvious and not trivial, able to give even more prominence to the complex operation completed in recent months.


«In fact it is a trick that follows a very precise idea», says Paolo “Geky” De Cian, president of the Dolomiti Bellunesi. “Joining together must not represent a defeat, but a growth on the part of each of the three companies. This is why we have found the space in which to insert them, and for this reason those who say that we have ruined the three partnerships from which the Dolomites were born are mistaken. The old colors continue to exist and, together, they will allow us to honor our territory ».

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Among other things, it is impossible not to notice another chromatic gem on the left side. Let’s talk about the yellow-blue, green-grained and white-red-blue inserts. Splashes of color identifying the first, to accompany the new present.

«The first jersey of the Belluno Dolomites excites me both to see it and also to describe it», continues De Cian. Throughout the year he will accompany the Dolomiti Bellunesi in the hopefully exciting journey in Serie D, together with the second dark gray wetsuit and the third rose. Without forgetting the triple goalkeeper uniform: the yellow one, the blue one and the grenade one, well matched to each other.

“The evening when my two deputies, Gigio Della Vecchia and Nicola Giusti, and I met together with Mauro Prizzon of the Calcio Group of Trichiana di Borgo Valbelluna, we wanted to create a uniform representative of the territory, like the team itself” .

And, at this point, we also have to say that it identifies what the Belluno Dolomites was.


Meanwhile, the official journey of the season kicks off tomorrow. Appointment at 3 pm at Zugni Tauro against Levico Terme, in the preliminary round of the Italian Cup. The direct social networks of the matches are not initially planned, as was the case last season during the closed doors period.

On the other hand, this initiative would risk clashing with the aim of bringing as many fans as possible to the stadium, in compliance with the regulations related to Covid. On the other hand, the announcement of the sale of season tickets has been postponed, with which interested parties will be able to secure a place for the 17 home commitments of the season. We remind you that we will start playing in Feltre, at least for the moment. Beyond the optimism revealed on Thursday evening in the official presentation, the debut at the Polisportivo di Belluno is a feasible solution only from October onwards. The championship debut is therefore also likely to take place at Zugni.

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