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De Francesch, farewell to Sedico. “Bad ending, good experience”

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De Francesch, farewell to Sedico.  “Bad ending, good experience”

Coach Gabriele De Francesch

The coach leaves after Giorik’s relegation to C1, which started with very different goals. “It was a tournament of bad choices. The verdict hurts, but it’s been eight positive years “


It ended badly, because no one expected it to be relegated until a few months ago. Gabriele De Francesch he would have liked to take leave of Giorik Sedico in another way, who helped lead from C2 to the threshold of A2, which he touched a couple of times with the playoffs (and a championship interrupted at the most beautiful).

The conclusion of his eight-year career in blue and white coincides with the descent in C1 of the Sedicense team, relegated following the last position in the recently completed cadet tournament. His farewell is official and among other things, De Francesch himself avoids arguing with society.

More or less direct shots were not lacking, especially in the last period, linked in particular to having forced the team to play with very few boys in the last few matches. This time, however, the tones are softer.

Mister, what are your considerations.

«First of all it is a Magone to be demoted, not very sure. A verdict that hurts. As for the experience at Sedico as a whole, I believe it is a path for which I will always be grateful: in eight years we have gone from C2 where I started training in the middle of the 2014-2015 season up to B, even touching A2. We also got some great satisfactions ».

What happened this season? A single victory, some draws especially between February and March and many defeats.

“That it is the most complicated year of all is out of the question. We are talking about a complicated season from the beginning, with bad choices also made by myself. Unfortunately we had to start with a very specific backbone, made up of goalkeepers and the presence of Storti, Focosi and Er Raji. The new Sedico was to be born around it. The latter two were unable to hold them back and there things took a different turn ».

At the end of November it seemed you were getting into gear. The Grangiorgione was beaten away, but then a winter market began, characterized by four outings, against the arrival of only Tendero, among other things, available from January onwards. You were numbered.

«At that moment the company informed us of the need to intervene in this sense, trying to safeguard the sporting but also the economic aspect. Decisions accepted, but it is clear that at that point training and playing was always a problem, numerically speaking ».

Are you ready for a new adventure?

«First of all, we are sorry to close the course in Sedico here, among other things after the last few weeks where there have been tensions in the environment, even if the championship ended in a dignified way. I would like to continue coaching, let’s see if I have the opportunity. On the other hand, I wish the club to find its right size, perhaps by starting the youth sector ».

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