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De Laurentiis’ announcement: “Maradona Stadium? I won’t redo the stadium, I will build a new one in Bagnoli”

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De Laurentiis’ announcement: “Maradona Stadium? I won’t redo the stadium, I will build a new one in Bagnoli”

Greetings to Maradona stadium – formerly San Paolo – and to the Fuorigrotta district and the announcement of the new football stadium Napoli in Bagnoli. Word of the president of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis. The entrepreneur and owner of the Neapolitan team declared in an interview with Tgr Campania. “I won’t redo the Fuorigrotta stadium, but I will build a new stadium in Bagnoli”. Thus, at least for the moment, the negotiation that was underway with the Municipality of Naples for the concession of the facility and for the renovation of the Maradona in view of Euro 2032. In recent days the mayor of Naples expressed himself with confidence, Gaetano Manfrediand the Minister of Sport and Youth Policies, Andrea Abodi.

“We are waiting, I know that Napoli is working on it, as soon as it arrives we will evaluate with the Minister of Sport the financial needs and opportunities for support. There is maximum willingness to build a stadium worthy of the city” said the mayor on the sidelines of the City of Youth 2024 award. The stadium, dedicated to the memory of the Argentine footballer, is one of the facilities that is a candidate to host the matches of the European Championship which will take place in 8 years.

On the mooted hypothesis of the elimination of the athletics track from Maradona, part of the restyling that the stadium should undergo to enter the five Italian facilities for Euro 2032, Manfredi added: “We are open to any solution, there is something to be done an overall choice, if we remove the athletics track from Maradona then we then have to find un other place to do it to support athletics activities, but it is important that the project is sustainable, achievable, and compatible with the objectives of the 2032 European Championships.” “The conditions are there, both cultivate the ambition of making the stadium one of the elements of excellence of this city beyond the emotional sporting value and also for the name it has and which gives it eternity. I believe there is a need to make it a futuristic infrastructure” Abodi said. According to Minister Abodi, the system of stadium concessions, “even if it does not necessarily respond to the needs of capitalization of a club, is a technicality that allows you to acquire – once the property has been made available by the promoter’s administration – a temporary ownership of up to 99 years, this patrimonial element is not of little importance”.

On the potential elimination of the athletics track at Maradona in the renovation project of the facility in view of Euro 2032, if it were chosen as one of the five Italian venues, he said: “It is not a decisive factor, I think that starting from UEFA , but it is also in our interest, is that the stadium is functional, accessible, technologically intelligent, educated from an energy point of view, and must have all the spaces of a multifunctional infrastructure and not just a multi-sports one that must live when there is no football match, but every day. The athletics track is objectively the product of another era but the Maradona stadium as the Olimpico in Rome has characteristics, which were also redeveloped for the 2019 Universiadeit is appropriate that all this is taken into account with proper maintenance and does not deteriorate but I believe that the stadium can and must be regenerated and redeveloped”.

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