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De Laurentiis, Napoli and Bari: “Hard work”

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De Laurentiis, Napoli and Bari: “Hard work”

The president, leaders with Naples and Bari, confesses to the Telegraph: “On the market smarter and faster than our competitors. I produced and financed 400 films and I never had a flop. It’s not luck. Hard work, concentration, ideas and marketing. You have to sell a product that the viewers like “

A strategic change in communication. This is what Aurelio De Laurentiis imposed for his Napoli and it seems to work. In the sense that often the president, with a strong character and sharp responses, proved to be divisive on the square, which brought him many problems. Now that his new blue creature is booming, he avoids hot comments and only lets himself go to a few foreign interviews, in this case the Telegraph. With journalist Mike McGrath the producer talked about his business philosophy: “My first job is entertainment. Film production, drama production, theater, for 55 years, so when I started interested in football, I always thought to entertain. When we make a film you need to have ideas and a script, two years of work to please the public. The same is in sport and football. You have an obligation towards the viewer. “


In his sporting achievements he naturally also associates Bari: “We are first in the standings in Serie A and in Serie B. Because we work in football as if we were in films or fiction. The only difference is that when you write a screenplay, the end of it. you know, you know exactly how to please the spectator. In football, on the other hand, you have a lot of problems, you never know what will happen. In the movies there are no rivals, only the competition on the market. But when your team plays against the best teams like Ajax or Liverpool or Bayern Munich or whoever is playing at a certain level, you never know what can happen. And you have to respect the decisions of the referee. “

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De Laurentiis explains again: “During the summer I talked to my collaborators about big decisions to make and how to change the team. We were lucky on the transfer market, but we took players we had followed for years. In the negotiations we were smarter and more intelligent. faster than our competitors. And we have already been good at identifying players who are already in Naples in addition to the coach. “


The basic choices affect the group’s character growth: “When you have to set up a team, you have to dose psychology and physical appearance and you have to create the group because nobody wins alone. Then, there may be players with great personality and others more timid, but it’s life. When you train people very well on these aspects, then the results come. “


The president comments: “I don’t believe in luck. I produced and financed 400 films and never had a flop. It’s not luck. Hard work, concentration, ideas and marketing. You have to sell a product that the viewers like. In cinema as well as in cinema. soccer”. True, but if you don’t believe in luck, at least ADL has a penchant for superstition. Lately we see less and less at the stadium, because watching the matches in Naples at a friend’s house on TV is good.

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