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De Laurentiis: “No more fake tournaments like the Champions’

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De Laurentiis: “No more fake tournaments like the Champions’

Thus the president of Napoli in his speech to Smart Talk on the economy of football: “We need to create competitions that are played during a week among the top 5 European leagues. Now as idiots we lend ourselves to play about 50 games a year”

A series of strong sentences and heavy accusations. Aurelio De Laurentiis went down hard in his speech on Smart Talk, a Wall Street Italia show on the football economy. Several things already said, but others … These are his words: “The world of football is blind. Everyone has forgotten about Financial Fair Play. And football is not only passion, but also an industry. And if it is an industry, it cannot be forgotten. Uefa, Fifa and the Leagues should work for us and instead we are simply their feudal lords. Does Napoli earn? That’s not true, we are licking our wounds because we have lost 200 million euros in the last two years. The world of football doesn’t know how to manage itself, it plays a theater for others “.

“Fake European Cups”

Then the lunge. “We as idiots lend ourselves to playing about 50 games a year. The 5 most important countries have to have their own tournament. Enough with these fake competitions like Champions, Europe and Conference League. We need to create competitions that are played during a week among the top 5 European championships. Super league? Well, I was against it, because it was an invitation-only competition. There were privileged people who invited the others. Conference League? It’s stupid. The young people are abandoning us because the championship is fake and not is more competitive. And we want to talk about next season? They have entered into an agreement to play a World Cup in Qatar in the winter. Qatar has PSG that pays big salaries because every minute they chase oil out. The next will be a super big championship training, divided into two parts “.

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“Harassed by funds”

Then there is the question of the “sale of Napoli”. So de Laurentiis. “I’m haunted by the funds that want to buy Napoli, that’s enough. The Americans have offered me 900 million to sell the club in the past. But I still enjoy it and I don’t want to retire. I want to be the twelfth man on the pitch.”

African footballers

And then he adds: “Enough Africans, or they give up playing the African Cup. I won’t buy any more for this reason. We pay the salaries to send them around to play for the world in the middle of the championship”.

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