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De Martin saves Vittorio on a penalty It’s a battle with LiaPiave: three reds

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The recovery between Vittorio Falmec SM Colle and Liapiave ends even, after a strange match with two former flags (Scarabel and Bortot) who wear the captain’s armband of the opponents, and soured by the decisions of the referee who booked nine and expelled three. However, he made the most serious mistake in the first half, not seeing a ball that went into Kociaj’s goal for quite a while. The locals, playing with a good attitude, pushed in the first half, closed at a disadvantage due to the goal of the former Agostini in the only guest occasion; in the second half Liapiave grew, but the victoriesi kept and with heart they drew the joker of the penalty in the Cesarini area, granted for a naivety of Paladin. And in the end the result is right.

At 15 ‘risk for the guests, on Frezza’s tirocross, on which Kostadinovic clears the postponement and risks his own goal. At 18 ‘great protests by the locals for the ghost goal: Frezza clears himself well on the right and puts a low cross in the center, where Cais’s right-footed blow arrives that slams on the crossbar, then on the ground beyond the line, again on the crossbar and then out: for the referee and for the linesman the ball has not entered. The video images prove otherwise. 21 ‘. Duravia picks up Badio on the right which serves Cais at 20 meters, whose blow is blocked in two stages by Kociaj. At 35 ‘colossal opportunity for the victoriesi: pressed by Frezza, Kociaj on the back pass of a teammate is forced to postpone, but throws it right on the feet of Cais who only at the limit unloads a powerful but high left. At 43 ‘the goal of the guests: Zanetti energetically gets rid of Zorzetto and from the right serves Paladin to the limit, who with a precise touch below jumps the defenders and jumps on the edge of the offside Agostini who with his right flat bags at the edge of the pole.

Recovery. At 8 ‘Paladin takes Basei on the right, precise cross, but Zanetti’s flying turn goes high. 14 ‘: from Scarabel’s 20 meters low, Rigo does not hold back but recovers on Cattelan. 18 ‘: Basei steals the ball on the edge, but kicks to the bottom. 22 ‘: Scarabel takes Cattelan diagonally on the top of the area, the shot deflected by Zorzetto comes out a little. 33 ‘: dangerous restart of Liapiave: Cattelan imbecca Barra on the race only to the limit, Rigo blocks. At 40 ‘the same on the developments of a corner: the ball is coming out of the area, Slongo follows it, Paladin bumps into him causing the penalty that De Martin transforms and dedicates to the injured De Biasi. –

Alessandro Toffoli

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