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De Min: “With the Dolomites, young people from Belluno now have fewer opportunities”

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Former Juventus and Feltrese striker Michele De Min

The former Juventus and Feltrese striker was in the stands in Montebelluna and saw his son’s debut against Corbanese and associates. “The right result was equal”

“Such a coincidence was difficult to predict …”. The former Juventus and Feltrese striker Michele De Min went down to Montebelluna on Sunday to see the Treviso match against the Dolomites, won 1-0 by the Belluno people thanks to Onescu’s goal at the end of the first half. On the other hand, in the circle of the first team of Treviso there is his son Manuele, midfielder born in 2004, and in addition he was intrigued to take a close look at the team coached by his friend Renato Lauria.

However, he would never have thought that Manuel’s own debut took place against the Belluno people. Instead the coach Bordin sent him on the field in the 65th minute, in place of the director Zago, only to then divert him to the center of the defense. Undoubtedly a great emotion for the father, while the mother Monica D’Alfonso was updated in real time.

Let’s start with an opinion on the merger.

«From outside I cannot know the reasons with which the operation took place. I believe, however, the trauma suffered by the Belluno football is under everyone’s eyes. From three teams participating in a competitive championship such as Serie D we have come to one. And for the young people of the place it becomes more and more obligatory to have to go outside the province, if they want to try to play at high levels. In the future we should at least try to have a provincial education in every category, from C down ».

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After we return to the Dolomites. But now let’s talk about Manuele’s debut. A beautiful emotion and satisfaction to be there, right?

«He had played the Cup match against Caldiero as a starter, while he had yet to make his debut in the league. To think that it was only the second time I went to Montebelluna this year. It had a certain effect on me, considering how the opponent was the team … of our province. In addition, the Montebelluna shirt was also worn by myself and my brother Matteo, now at Fontanafredda in Excellence ».

Among other things, he did not badly …

«A good debut, both in mid-field and when he was moved behind. Too bad for the result ».

So you had a white and blue heart.

«Well of course, it’s normal for a dad to support the team his son belongs to. Here, let’s put it this way. If they really had to lose, at least it happened against the formation of my friend Lauria ».

In the post game we saw you talking a lot with him. What idea did you have of the match won by the Belluno Dolomites?

«In the meantime, I believe the fairest verdict was a draw. From a competitive point of view it was a valid challenge, and technically, both sides saw discrete things. In fact, the difference was in the ability of the Dolomites to be able to score… In general, however, we are talking about two good teams ».

Going into detail, what is the impression given by Lauria’s team?

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«An interesting collective, endowed with good individualities. The coach is putting his effort into it and I think the results are in line with expectations. The potential to do well is not lacking ».

As a former striker, you may have seen Corbanese’s game less brilliant, even if the assist to Onescu is his.

«In my opinion, the defense of Montebelluna kept him well. In addition, he received a few playable balls, in my opinion ».

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