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De Toni, unbeaten stop Received in a dull evening

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De Toni, unbeaten stop Received in a dull evening

5,5 TONY’S His unbeaten run in the league stops at Besozzo. Colombo punches him with an unstoppable blow on the near post, then knocks out the slippery Colombo for the penalty that fixes Verbano’s 2-0.

5,5 ANDRINI In defense, he has to sweat a lot to brake first Colombo and then Comi, who moves to the left. Not very constructive in accompanying the action.

6 BACALONI Physical strength is not enough to stem Verbano’s offensive arrows. He has the merit of staying afloat in difficulties.

6 FORM He patches up some intricate situations, with Verbano ready to sting on the counterattack. He gives up in the final for a hard fight in which he suffers a blow to the nose.

5,5 RECEIVED He misses the thrust of the best days, when he would have the opportunity to aim for the opponent’s goal. A little too nervous in some moments.

6 NOIA It starts with the burden of the yellow card for an impetuous intervention after only 3 ‘. Then he controls his momentum, and even goes close to scoring in a couple of circumstances.

5,5 LANZI Few ideas in the median. He is unable to give geometries, and does not verticalize much.

5,5 CASALI He tries to propose himself in support of the attack, but often lacks precision in support.

6 SELMI As an attacking midfielder he moves a lot, guarantees retreating races, but does not find the right play.

5,5 BAHIROV Engage in many vigorous duels with opposing defenders and never back down in the fight. Little inspired, however, in concluding.

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6 FRANCHINI The liveliest of the attack. It often lowers to tie the game and participates in the maneuver effectively.

5,5 ROMANO His entrance does not change the gray evening of the Vogherese attack ..

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