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Debut with thrilling victory, the Gesteco Cividale folds Chieti

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Debut with thrilling victory, the Gesteco Cividale folds Chieti

CIVIDAL. Battle at PalaGesteco was promised. That’s how it was, until the end. Up to the ball snatched by Rota, ducal heart, 5 ” from the end, and delivered to history together with the victory that the Eagles obtained over Chieti on Saturday 1 October.

Deserved and deserved success, that final 81-78 already recorded in the young epic of the yellow and blue club.

To write the first chapters, at the beginning of the evening, the same Rota, first of the match to find the bottom of the retina: easy easy his two points, in photocopy those signed by Dell’Agnello for the 4-2 Ueb. The former Bergamo immediately shows off his repertoire: counter, insertions et voilà, Gesteco on 10-6.

Pepper also unlocks and coach Rajola is forced to time-out. From the bench, the guests draw six points from the bow, but not enough to limit the flight of the eagles. Who, again from a distance, gain altitude with Rota: +7 at 9 ‘(21-14). On the siren, therefore, Battistini achieves the 25-19, the friendly iron in laying the ball around the cotton. However, it is always the iron that makes up for the home team in the second set, with the interests of -31).

Cividale, forced to chase, relies on Miani: the Friulian puts in four and puts his team back on track (37-35). In the painting, the Gialloblu – exceptionally dressed in red for the occasion – travel with a 72% profit: the data is eloquent, but Dell’Agnello does not know it. Or maybe he deliberately ignores him when, at the end of the first half, he hits the bomb of 42-35, punches in the chest to load the environment. On the sly, Pepper takes the Ueb up to +10 (37-47). Then something jams. And Jackson, on the opposite side, leads Chieti to the ascent. The USA is wild, scores, then scores again. Cividale sends one of him to the basket in turn in response, but at 29 ‘the situation is back on par: 59-59. The challenge then starts all over again.

From this point of view, the three-man game by Dell’Agnello at the opening of the last quarter gives good hope; Mastellari, however, does better: triple with a foul and Teatini with the arrow +2 (64-66). Do not worry: it is still him, Dell’Agnello, who takes the chair. The 77 gets his hand back first impacting 68-68, then contributing to the recovery of the ball that relaunches the yellow and blue ambitions.

The ducals, thus, tighten the shirts in defense and with Chiera they go on 75-70. But the tear is a flash in the pan. Chieti in fact stitches up, even returns to lead. At 75-77, Pepper loses a bloody ball on offense; Miani recovers another in defense and remedies. Bartoli in step-back makes no mistake, Chiera stands up and throws the action of +1 to the nettles. Miani and Pepper, this time in combination, recapture another sphere giving it to Rota. The play is fouled and does not tremble in the line. So, knife between his teeth, he sticks to Jackson with one goal: not to show him anything. Neither the ball nor the teammates. Looking for him, in vain. The eagles glide over their prey and, on the counterattack, close the battle. The party breaks out at the palace: the Ueb is there, it has already given a first demonstration.


25-19, 42-35, 61-59

UEB GESTECO CIVIDALE Miani 11, Chiera 7, Cassese 7, Rota 14, Mouaha 2, Battistini 6, Pepper 10, Nikolic 4, Dell’Agnello 20. Not entered: Micalich, Brunetto. Coach: Pillastrini.

MOKAMBO CHIETI COFFEE Alibegovic 4, Mastellari 17, Reale, Bartoli 15, Jackson 21, Serpilli 10, Boev 1, Ancellotti 10. Non entrati: Pichierri, Febbo. Coach: Rajola.

Referees Bartoli of Trieste, Terranova of Ferrara and Tallon of Bologna.

Note Cividale: 25/42 for two-point shooting, 7/25 for three and 10/12 for free. Chieti: 18/31 two-point shooting, 9/21 three and 15/17 free. Nobody came out for 5 fouls.

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