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Dedicating the heat to the National Games-Shaanxi Sports Lottery supports the National Fitness and helps the National Games event_General Administration of Sports

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Dedication to the National Games

Release time: 2021-08-12
Source: China Sports News
Author: Zhao Wenjing and Liu Chang

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The “Sports Lottery Welcomes the National Games Everyone’s Contributions” theme publicity campaign hosted by Shaanxi Sports Lottery Center and undertaken by Xi’an Four Sales Stations was recently held in front of the physical store of China Sports Lottery No. 6101003122, Old Street, Xinfeng Street, Lintong District, Xi’an . This theme public welfare activity aims to let more people understand the efforts and contributions of sports lottery to the development of sports and social welfare undertakings, guide everyone to continue to support sports lottery, and actively spread the concept of “buying sports lottery, welcoming the National Games, and contributing” , Use practical actions to help the Fourteenth National Games.

Hu Xiaowei, deputy director of the Cultural and Sports Bureau of Lintong District, stated in his speech that the sports lottery in Lintong District has been raising public welfare funds for the country for the past 20 years. It is stipulated that the sports lottery public welfare fund shall be widely used in the national fitness and the preparations for the 14th National Games, and comprehensive construction of grass-roots national fitness facilities has realized the full coverage of the national fitness paths in villages and communities with conditions. Last year, as the National Fitness Corridor was completed and put into use in the Lintong section of the Weihe River Embankment Road, it provided a new scene of sports and leisure for the people in the whole district. The completion of these sports facilities and the development of national fitness activities have met the basic public sports and fitness needs of the general public, and are deeply loved by the general public.

In recent years, with the strong support of the Sports Lottery Charity Fund, Lintong District has organized and held county-level brand table tennis competitions, badminton competitions, football leagues, basketball leagues, and “Dancing Changan” Lintong district competitions and other national fitness events every year.

Feng Feng, the head of the fourth sales station in Xi’an, introduced that on June 28, 2001, the Shaanxi computer-based sports lottery went on sale, and it has been a full 20 years. In the past 20 years, under the leadership of higher-level departments, with the strong support of all walks of life and the active participation of many lottery buyers, Shaanxi sports lottery people have made concerted efforts to overcome difficulties and have achieved remarkable results. We have provided strong support for public welfare and poverty alleviation work.

In 2020, Xi’an raised a total of 110 million yuan in sports lottery public welfare funds, of which 106 million yuan was raised at the municipal level and 11.7776 million yuan was raised by districts and counties. Municipal projects arranged 13.2821 million yuan of sports lottery public welfare funds, accounting for 17.69% of the total; supporting district and county projects of 61,817,500 yuan, accounting for 82.31% of the total. While the sales work has repeatedly hit new highs, Xi’an Sports Lottery also has unprecedented strength in public welfare actions. Whether it is in the areas of public welfare education assistance, construction and maintenance of public sports venues, construction of national fitness parks or social welfare undertakings, the investment has been increased, which has made the scope of beneficiaries wider and the public welfare attribute of sports lottery more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

During the event, winning medals and 50,000 yuan rewards were awarded to the sports lottery physical store that added the first prize of the big lottery to encourage consignees to persevere in sports lottery sales services and guide everyone to become practitioners of micro-philanthropy , Actively contribute to the National Games.

Subsequently, the physical store carried out computer-based sports lottery and instant ticket free ticket activities, inviting past people to participate in sports lottery quiz fun activities, the atmosphere was active, everyone entered the store with great interest to buy, and used practical actions to help the 14th National Games. (Reposted from the 08 edition of “China Sports Daily” on August 12)

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