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DEL final series against Pinguins: Eisbären very close to the title thanks to Ronning

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DEL final series against Pinguins: Eisbären very close to the title thanks to Ronning

As of: April 23, 2024 11:27 p.m

The Eisbären Berlin took a 3-1 lead in the playoff final series of the German Ice Hockey League against the Fischtown Pinguins from Bremerhaven. This means that the capital city team only needs one win to win their tenth German championship. The Polar Bears beat the Penguins 4-1 (1-0, 0-1, 3-0) on Tuesday (April 23, 2024) after three goals from Ty Ronning.

On Sunday, the Berliners won 2-1 in the longest game in German playoff history after just under 98 minutes. The team that first achieves four wins in the best-of-seven series wins the championship title. The fifth game is next Friday at 7.30 p.m. in Bremerhaven.

Playoff final arrow right

Ty Ronning gave the hosts the lead in the first third (18th minute) when he hit a well-placed shot high into the far corner from a half-right position. Berlin was playing in the majority at this point because Colt Conrad had recently received a two-minute penalty for hooking.

Berlin strikes in the final third

The guests were able to equalize in the second third – with a powerful shot from Phillip Bruggisser (32′). But then Ronning struck twice more (48th, 56th). Frederik Tiffels scored the final point when Bremerhaven took the goalie off the ice (58th). In the final minutes, both teams received another disciplinary penalty.

“The power play was the difference today,” analyzed Penguins coach Thomas Popiesch on the Sportschau microphone, “and if you take one or two penalties in the final third, then that might be one or two too many. That’s how it was today. ” Triple goalscorer Ronning said on “MagentaSport”: “It’s a team success. We had good momentum. The series is not over yet, we still have a way to go.” His coach Serge Aubin added: “The fourth win is always the hardest.”

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Sportschau, April 23, 2024 11:03 p.m

Bremerhaven with a difficult first third

The guests from Bremerhaven struggled in the first half of the game and only came up with a few good offensive actions. Berlin took advantage of its first outnumbered situation and almost followed up just seconds later. Frederik Tiffels fed Patrice Cormier from behind the goal, who forced Bremerhaven’s goalie Kristers Gudļevskis into a lightning reflex.

Second third goes to the guests

At the beginning of the second third, the Bremerhaven team needed a wake-up call to finally find their way into the fourth final game. Leo Pföderl deflected a shot from his Berlin colleagues from the blue line, and again the Latvian goalkeeper in the Pinguins’ box was the winner of this duel.

But then Bremerhaven got going and increased both pressure and speed. Now Berlin’s goalie Jake Hildebrand had to prove himself several times. But then Berlin’s resistance broke when Bruggisser scored with a hidden shot from distance.

Ronning makes the difference

Again it was a minority that put the team from the North Sea behind: This time Ross Mauermann hit the penalty box – and Ronning struck again. From almost the same place as the first goal, the Berliner powerfully pushed the puck up the left side of the goal.

With a double minor penalty for a high stick resulting in injury against Markus Vikingstad and another two-minute suspension for the guests, the Penguins’ fate in this fourth final game seemed to be sealed. But the Bremerhaven team fought back and even survived being twice outnumbered.

Three times from almost identical positions

Even Vladimír Eminger almost equalized a short time later when he went solo. But Ronning’s third goal, curiously enough for the third time from the half-right position into the far corner, decided this final game for Berlin. Tiffels’ goal shortly before the end made the victory clear.

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