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Del Potro shows photos of training on clay court or returns to the game in South American season

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Original title: Del Potro’s training photos on clay courts or South American season returning to the field

On November 27th, Beijing time, Juan Martin del Potro shared another positive update in his recovery process. This week, local time, he posted a photo of himself on the training ground.

The former world number three Del Potro is training on the clay court this week, which may indicate that he plans to return to the court when the South American clay court season takes place in February next year, local time.

Since 2019, Del Potro has undergone four knee surgeries, but at the US Open, he said that he did not give up the opportunity to try to make a comeback again: “I like challenges. It may be a tennis challenge, or it may be a challenge. Different challenges in life. This is the hardest game of my career because I can’t cope with this injury and my current pain, but I’m still trying. This is life. I believe in myself, it will definitely be In the past. This is also a message to young children, all players, and everyone in the world. They never have to give up pursuing their dreams. This is what I have done to myself.”Return to Sohu to see more


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