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Della Vecchia: “Me in the A3 series with the Da Rold, a dream that came true”

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Alessandro Della Vecchia in the center with the number 9

The reserve lifter tells his experience. “No, I never thought I’d get to these levels. I’m really happy to be there ».

“No, I never thought I’d get to these levels. I’m really happy to be there ».

Alessandro Della Vecchia tells it with a smile. Stories of passion and apprenticeship, up to the highest levels of national volleyball. He is the second setter of Da Rold Logistics, but above all he is one of those players who make the dressing room. Yeah, the group. One of the values ​​on which the Belluno team must focus. To save himself first of all, and then to see how far the ranking will smile. Which is not bad now, but it should be improved already on Sunday at 6pm in Brugherio.


“Going to A3 was not something I imagined would happen in my subnet path,” explains Della Vecchia. «You know, here in the province it has never been easy to reach categories of a certain importance, but thanks to the president Da Rold and the entire management, we have had the opportunity to do so. And when I was asked to be part of the staff, I didn’t think about it for a moment. I’m very happy, really ».

The commitment is high. But it becomes fun.

«Paradoxically, the higher you go, the greater the enthusiasm, looking at every single aspect with amazement. Even long journeys by bus become an opportunity to be together, sharing a lot with others ».

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The impact with the category was tough, quite a lot. Pineto and Macerata served to understand that other speeds are needed, compared to the B or C. It was known, even if the field speaks even more clearly.

«We immediately realized what it means to play A3. But returning to the previous speech, facing certain opponents becomes a stimulus and for my part you enter the field even more gassed. Nor was it difficult to team up with the new players right away. Maybe in the clear field, you have to identify affinities and mechanisms, but outside instead you immediately enter the right spirit. We try to share good times together, going out, going to dinner and so on ».

This also explains the four games in a row with points.

«We regret a few spots left on the road, however we want to try to be daring. And once we have achieved the goal of salvation, we will not preclude ourselves from anything ».

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