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Dembele: Xavi was the key to my stay

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Dembele: Xavi was the key to my stay

Original title: Dembele: Xavi is the key to my stay, I am more mature and calm now

Dembele: Xavi is the key to my stay, now I’m more mature and calm

Live it, September 6th. In an interview, Barcelona attacker Dembele talked about some of his current situation with the team. He said he is now focused on doing well on the pitch.

Team situation looks great

Dembele: “I think we are off to a good start, we have a lot of young players and the atmosphere in the dressing room is very good, which is good for the team. In my opinion, we enjoy our time on the pitch. New The aid is adapting well, everyone is happy and we are ready to win the title.”

Harvey has always valued you very much

Dembele: “From the first minute, I had a very good relationship with Xavi, our relationship was special, we made a connection. I say that all the time and Xavi feels the same way. I like it very much. He, since Tuchel, I haven’t had a coach like that.”

What does Harvey ask of you?

Dembele: “Xavi talked to me a lot in training, he was very attentive and gave me a lot of suggestions for improvement. The first thing Xavi told me was that I’m a very good player, but I The mentality needs to improve. I have talent, but I have to work for the team. He said I already have a good dribble, but I have to score more goals and give more assists.”

Now you are more comprehensive

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Dembele: “I wanted to be more complete, yes, Xavi didn’t ask me anything off the pitch at first because he didn’t know me particularly well. For the first two months, he saw me as a Simple, normal, calm guy. He only heard about me in the media, and it wasn’t all positive news.”

What was the key to your decision to stay?

Dembele: “There is no doubt that Xavi is the key to my continued stay, and the chairman, I talked a lot with both of them, and now everyone is very happy.”

You’ve been injury free for over nine months

Dembele: “It was a very difficult start at Barca, especially the first three years, I had ups and downs in the game due to injuries. I think this is life, in 2017 to 2020, I have to learn a lot, now I’ve grown more mature and calmer.”

Are you panicking because of frequent injuries?

Dembele: “I was a little scared thinking I could get injured at any time, yes. With Koeman, everything changed, I think my hamstring was injured, which caused me a lot of fear, but Then everything changed, everything got better. When Koeman arrived, I did a lot of work to avoid injury.”

How has your life changed since then?

Dembele: “Now I have a physical trainer who talks to the club. I work in the morning and then I work out to strengthen my legs and other muscles and we do a lot of work together. “

Is the criticism fair?

Dembele: “I don’t want to say too much about whether it’s fair or not, I’m now focused on being good on the pitch, criticism is life, you can’t satisfy or please everyone.”

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What do you usually do off the field?

Dembele: “I stay at home most of the time, I really like watching games, I watch a lot of teams, Rennes, Premier League and La Liga, I watch Atletico or Real Madrid. I love watching football, I watch Also really like the city of Barcelona, ​​I will play cricket with my friends, I love it here.”

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