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Dembeleso wants 40 million annual salary + 20 million signing fee renewal negotiations have broken down

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Original title: Dembelesuo wants 40 million annual salary + 20 million signing fee renewal negotiations have broken down

After Harvey took office, he has always emphasized his trust in Dembele, and he wants to build the entire offensive system around Dembele. But now, Dembele has given Harvey a blow. According to several Spanish media reports, Dembele demanded unrealistically high prices during the contract renewal negotiations, and Barcelona felt extremely pessimistic about the contract renewal. And Barcelona and team reporter Romero even stated that Dembele’s contract renewal negotiations have broken down, and Barcelona urgently pushed the French into the winter transfer market.

In terms of treatment, Dembele’s asking price made Barcelona feel completely unacceptable. Dembele asked for an annual salary of 40 million euros before taxes, and at the same time he asked for a signature fee of 20 million euros, which Barcelona could not provide. For Dembele’s move, Barcelona was very angry. Romero pointed out that Barcelona priced Dembele at 50 million euros and pushed it to the winter transfer market.

After Dembele’s contract renewal with Barcelona collapsed, Manchester United, Bayern, Chelsea, Paris and Newcastle immediately got in touch with his agent. For suitors, Dembele also opened his mouth, and the French asked for 40 million euros in annual salary and 40 million euros in signing fees. The reason why Dembele dared to ask for this price is obviously intending to finish the last half of his contract at Barcelona, ​​and then leave the team with a free transfer next summer. The new owner does not need to pay him a transfer fee, so he will naturally be paid more.

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It is not difficult to see from Dembele’s actions that his attitude is already very clear. If Barcelona can’t meet his salary requirements, he will refuse to leave the team in the winter. Even if he sits in the stands for half a year, Dembele also wants to move freely until next summer. Barcelona originally hoped that Dembele would cut his salary to renew his contract in order to free up salary space for Ferran Torres to register. Now, Barcelona can only find another way. “Daily Sports” pointed out that Barcelona will soon negotiate with Umtiti to terminate the contract in order to successfully register Ferran Torres as soon as possible.Return to Sohu to see more


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