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Depth-Jin Yuan is struggling to survive the ebb tide club calls for the introduction of share reform policy as soon as possible_equity

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Original title: Depth-Jin Yuan is struggling to survive the ebb tide, the club calls for the introduction of a share reform policy as soon as possible

With the temporary end of the top 12 world preliminaries, Chinese football is back to the league rhythm. The Chinese Super League will be restarted on December 12. Under the background of the club’s difficult business operations, whether there will be any teams that cannot compete smoothly has become the focus of attention from the outside world. As for the club, despite all kinds of negative news, it seems that it has not yet reached the time to say goodbye without a trace of regret. If the policy documents on club equity reform can be issued as soon as possible, the heavy financial pressure of investors is expected to be relieved, and the way of doing things will change from then on.

Three clubs suspended training for the Hebei team the most difficult

At present, 16 Chinese Super League clubs generally face operational problems, and 13 are said to have defaulted on player wages. The longest unpaid wage has been more than one year. And most of the clubs’ player salaries can only be implemented in accordance with the work contracts filed by the Chinese Football Association. Work contracts that have not been filed with the Chinese Football Association will not be recognized by the club. This is not a small loss for players who have signed a “yin and yang contract” with the club.

Less than a month before the start of the league, 16 Chinese Super League clubs, including Hebei, Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic and Guangzhou Football Club, are still in a state of suspension. Due to the lack of operating funds and long-term wage arrears, the Chongqing Liangjiang Athletics first team began to suspend training and holiday on the 13th, but the sixth echelon is still sticking to it. The club players issued a joint open letter asking for help: “The reality that the equity reform has not been completed has caused us to suffer.”

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Chongqing Football’s shareholding reform has been deeply involved in Liangjiang New District before. However, due to the lack of guidance from policy documents, the reforms that have been initiated are currently at a standstill. This is due to the delay in confirming the identity of the new shareholders and the debts originally promised to be paid by the new shareholders. The salary has not yet been paid.

The situation in Hebei is similar to that in Chongqing. The club is also waiting for the implementation of the equity reform policy, but no substantial progress has yet been made. The team almost retired from the Football Association Cup, and later the team leader Lang Zheng paid the travel expenses in advance to complete the round. After the FA Cup, the team has been on holiday. In order to save water and electricity bills, the club office began to put a seal in October, and many departments were abolished, leaving only a few key departments still sticking to it. However, the good news is that South Korean coach Kim Jong-fu, Mami and other foreign players have returned to China to prepare for the December league.

Although the Guangzhou team has not yet issued a training notice, the players have begun to spontaneously go to the training base in Panyu to conduct training under the leadership of captain Zheng Zhi. After the investor Guangzhou Evergrande suffered a debt crisis, Guangzhou has been actively operating new companies to take over the club. Overall, the prospects for the Guangzhou team to participate in the competition are still relatively clear.

Entry threshold has been reduced to a minimum

In order to ensure the smooth completion of the league this season, the Chinese Football Association has lowered the entry threshold to a minimum. As long as all teams can enter the competition zone smoothly, they can finish the rest of the Super League of the season. After the team enters the competition zone, all expenses such as food, clothing, housing and transportation will be borne by the Chinese Football Association. This means that unless the club is determined To disband, to complete this year’s league is not a problem.

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Take the Guangzhou team as an example. Since the championship competition is originally arranged in the Guangzhou Division, there is almost no participation fee for the Guangzhou team. Players can finish the season in the Super League as long as they report to the hotel in the competition area.

The situation in Hebei and Chongqing is the same, only the travel expenses from the station to Guangzhou and Suzhou need to be borne. In the context of the game system, the team’s travel expenses are also very limited, it is nothing more than an air ticket or high-speed rail ticket to the competition area. Of course, the main premise is that the players are willing to enter the competition area without pay. Before the start of this season, the Chongqing team had a situation where players refused to enter the competition area due to arrears of wages. Later, the contemporary side paid two months of wages to solve the problem.

The club calls for the early introduction of the share reform policy

So far, no Chinese Super League club has made it clear to the Chinese Football Association that it will no longer participate in the remaining matches of the Super League this season. As far as the team is concerned, retiring means completely giving up the qualification for the Chinese Super League. If you want to re-register for the competition, you need to start from the Chinese Champions League. If you don’t retire, maybe you can wait until the end of the year until the relevant policies are introduced, and the club’s business will usher in a turning point. This is also an important reason why these clubs can’t get away happily.

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The completion of the equity transformation and the realization of club equity diversification have been an important topic in the professional league in the past two seasons. However, due to the lack of a policy and programmatic document as a guide, it has not been fully implemented. At the beginning of this year, some clubs took the lead in completing the equity transformation, and local governments, sports bureaus, cultural and tourism bureaus, and development zones joined as new shareholders. However, due to the lack of policy documents to refine the shareholding reform of football clubs, how to regulate the shareholding proportions of all parties, and how to fulfill the relationship between responsibilities and rights after the reform is completed, these are not clear statements. The shareholding reform work is stagnant and no further progress is possible. Advance.

Some clubs that have undergone shareholding reforms also have more form than content. New shareholders have not yet assumed shareholder responsibilities, and the funds that should be available have not been available for a long time. Coupled with the shrinking of the investment scale of old investors, the club’s survival is difficult. Several clubs facing survival crises, such as Hebei and Chongqing, have recently advocated for equity reform, calling on the equity reform policy to be released as soon as possible, and further clarify and refine the responsibilities and rights of shareholders of all parties. This is actually the fundamental way to save the Chinese Super League.

According to relevant sources, relevant parties are also actively investigating and promoting the implementation of the football club equity reform policy as soon as possible. If all goes well, relevant policy documents are expected to be released by the end of the year. (Sohu Sports Pei Li)Return to Sohu to see more


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