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Depth: Undercurrent World Cup Group B, the United States lowers its profile and strives for the qualifying quota – yqqlm

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Depth: Undercurrent World Cup Group B, the United States lowers its profile and strives for the qualifying quota – yqqlm

Original title: Depth: Undercurrent World Cup Group B, the United States lowers its profile to win the qualifying quota

The 2022 Qatar World Cup group draw has ended, and the United States, England, Iran, and the winners of the European play-offs (Wales/Scotland/Ukraine) will fall into Group B. Foreign media ESPN said that this group is not a “death of death” for the United States, but it is by no means a good sign.

While a “doomsday” scenario has been avoided, some would argue that the United States will face a tougher team if Wales win in the Europa League play-offs. While it appears that Groups E and G had higher average ELO scores, neither group was as competitive as Group B. According to the latest FIFA rankings, Iran is the lowest ranked team in Group B at 21st. But FIFA said Iran’s ranking was a reservation, while the fourth-tier teams in the other groups had lower international rankings.

Things should get a little easier if Wales don’t get a World Cup ticket, but it’s still complicated. If Ukraine eventually advances to the World Cup finals, then considering the domestic situation in Ukraine, they will have enough mental energy and motivation to play the game. From a purely football perspective, it will be a special challenge.

U.S. coach Greg Berhart said: “It’s really great to be in the same group as England. I think it’s going to be a game to watch given the status of England in football.”

“There is also Iran, which is a very difficult opponent to deal with. Because they won the first place in the group in the Asian preliminaries of the World Cup, and they were the first Asian team to qualify besides the host Qatar. They scored A lot of goals, this team is very dangerous. Then there is an opponent who is still unknown, Scotland, Wales or Ukraine. Scotland and Wales play very similar games, Ukraine is completely different. So, we have some challenges. …but overall, everything is positive and we are looking forward to the game.”

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In addition, there are historical records to consider. As the US suffered at the 1998 World Cup (when Iran beat the US 2-1), they knew that Iran was fully capable of winning the game. Iran has always been one of the top teams in Asia, reaching the semi-finals of the Asian Cup in 2019.

“I have a little anxiety that the public or the media might take Iran lightly,” Greg Berhardt said. “This is not a team to be underestimated. He will be a good opponent.”

Of course, England are the favourites to advance in the group. The number of American players playing for English clubs has increased over the past decade, but the Three Lions still have a considerable talent advantage. Greg Berhardt uses the depth of England’s right-back as an example to illustrate how strong they are.Of course, that doesn’t guarantee anything, as was evidenced by the United States‘ performance at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, when the United States drew 1-1 with England and finally beat the Three Lions to top the group.

American striker Pulisic admits he has spoken several times with his Chelsea team-mates, especially Mount, about the upcoming “UK-US war” at the World Cup. But he also stressed that it doesn’t provide any additional momentum to the game. “I don’t think it’s going to bring extra motivation. We need to be ready for all the World Cup games and not just focus on one game, but it’s going to be a good test (against England) anyway. So, We’re going to give it our all and hopefully we’re on the right track.”

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If the U.S. ends up finishing second in Group B, they will face the top spot in Group A, most likely the Netherlands. However, if the United States can replicate the group results of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and get the first place in the group, then their opponents will be one of the hosts Qatar, Ecuador and Senegal. In addition, if they can advance to the top 8, then their opponent is likely to be Argentina led by Messi, and such a result will be a great achievement for this American team.

However, the current US team has surpassed itself. The 2022 Qatar World Cup, the US team will debut on the first match day, which also complicates the team’s preparations. Greg Berhardt revealed that the team’s pre-match training in Dubai had to be cancelled because they needed to arrive in Qatar five days before the opening game and the players could not return until a week before the World Cup. This requires the United States to take full advantage of the two international breakout days before the World Cup, in June and September. In June of this year, the U.S. team will participate in two North-Central American League games and two friendly matches. Greg Berhardt said they called up all the players: “If the players want to go to the World Cup, they need to play in the North American League. They have to be involved.”

The good news is that McKennie, who is recovering from a broken left foot, is expected to return to training with the Juventus club at the end of April. He’s still hoping to play some of the club’s games this season and hopefully get him back in shape and ready for the national team.

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On the international break in September, the U.S. is trying to get the team to play against some of the strong teams and do everything in their power to play against their World Cup group stage opponents, but it’s not going to be an easy task.

The countdown to the World Cup truly begins as the group draw is over. Currently, Greg Berhart has eight months to prepare and adjust the team.

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