Home Sports Derthona, last chance to join the playoffs with the battleship Novara

Derthona, last chance to join the playoffs with the battleship Novara

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Derthona, last chance to join the playoffs with the battleship Novara

With a victory, the bianconeri will mathematically qualify as fifth in the final phase of the championship


Last of the league and last chance to hook up the playoffs, for a Derthona that despite the negative streak in existence for eight games is still the master of his own destiny. In fact, if the Bianconeri win today, they will be mathematically qualified as fifth in the final phase, which will not bring immediate benefits but still represents a crowning achievement for the team and the club. The challenge is complex, since today at 4 pm Derthona plays on the field of Novara, by far the best team in the league and already promoted to C. It is a match that recalls challenges of other times between Tortona and Novara. Derthona, however, appeared to be in sharp decline in the last month, with the victory missing from eight games, in which there have been only four goals from action, all in the last few games, including last Sunday’s 2-5 home against that Sanremese who would be the opponent of the first play off round in the event that Derthiona qualifies. In case of victory in Novara, Derthona qualifies, while in case of draw or defeat, it is necessary to wait for the results of the direct clash between Caronnese and Bra and Gozzano-Chieri. A draw in the first match and Chieri’s failure to win will guarantee qualification for Derthona even in the event of his defeat. In case of arrival on equal points with a team, Derthona down against Caronnese and Bra and forward against Chieri. In the event of a three-man finish between Derthona, Bra and Chieri, the Turinese would pass.

38 ‘matchday: Saronnese-Bra, Casale-Ligorna, Fossano-Asti, Gozzano-Chieri, Lavagnese-Borgosesia, Novara-Derthona, PontDonnaz-Varese, Saluzzo-Imperia, Sanremese-Ticino, Vado-Sestri Levante. Classification: Novara 82, Sanremese 74, Casale 63, Varese 60, Derthona 55, Caronnese 53, Chieri, Bra 52, Sestri Levante 51, Borgosesia 49, Gozzano, PontDonnaz 48, Asti, Vado, Ligorna 47, Ticino 44, Fossano 41, Imperia 31, Lavagnese 30, Saluzzo 16. –


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