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Desmets and the mixed relay team get through the first day of the Short Track World Cup without damage

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Hanne and Stijn Desmet and the mixed Belgian relay team made it through the first day of the short track world cup competitions in Dresden, Germany, unscathed on Friday.

Source: BELGA

Yesterday at 7:39 PM

Sister and brother Desmet qualified for the semi-finals of the 1,500 meters on Friday. The mixed relay secured a place among the top eight. The men’s relay finished third. In addition, Hanne and Stijn Desmet can continue the tournament in the quarter-finals in the 1,000 and 500 meters respectively. In the relay, the Desmets with Tineke den Dulk and Adriaan Dewagtere finished second behind the Netherlands. The men (in addition to Desmet and Dewagtere, Enzo Proost and Warre Van Damme) had to let Poland and South Korea go first. After twenty laps, Proost came into involuntary contact with a skater from Hong Kong. Cheers fell, the Asians were disqualified. The subsequent chase was in vain.

Suzanne Schulting appeared on the ice for the first time this season in Dresden. The Dutch, three-time Olympic gold medalist, chose a long period without competition after ending the last skating year both physically and mentally exhausted.

Aleyandro Rivero-Maerschalck made his debut at this level in the group of Belgian national coach Ingmar van Riel. In the first 1,000 meters, the 17-year-old skater from Short Track Club Kristallijn from Ghent survived the preliminary round (third place), then he was referred to the repechage in the series. That fate also befell Proost, Dewagtere, Van Damme and Den Dulk.

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