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Detox diet? We learn to purify the body

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Detox diet?  We learn to purify the body

#detox diet? I’ll say it right away: scientifically it doesn’t exist. Instead, there is a series of strategies that can purify the body after periods of excess.

Artichokes, black cabbage, radicchio, leeks, celeriac, chicory, endive and spinach. Vegetables, coincidentally, typical of #January. Excellent at the beginning of a meal for a better glycemic response. Valuable then for the liver, the organ in charge of disposing of fat, alcohol and excess toxins.

The abundance of food and sugars may have spoiled the brain which thus makes constant requests. Stop the mechanism? Simple: balance your meals and take #omega3 from marine sources that offer the precious benefit of disinflaming the brain.

No to skipping meals and indiscriminate cutting of #calories. By doing so, you will soon find yourself weak, in a bad mood, with poor muscle tone and spring-loaded towards a guaranteed oversight to compensate for excessive sacrifices. Change your approach. Focus on the positive foods to include in the dish and in the main meals, divide the foods into three almost equal parts. Allow yourself a free meal a week without guilt: it too is part of the balance and releases tensions.

Waterfall? Yes please. 6-8 glasses a day, amount that varies according to lifestyle and environment. To be increased in case of sporting activity and sweating. And remember: even the cold wants its #hydration, even at low temperatures the body disperses water and minerals to thermoregulate.

🎯 This way we help the digestive organs lighten up and the body find its natural balance after a few days of stray we peacefully enjoyed. The goal is not to lose weight at all costs but to take care of the metabolism. In doing so, #weight loss (if needed) will be a pleasant consequence. Every moment is a good moment to start, what are you waiting for?!

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