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Deulofeu speaks: «No tragedy». But Udinese has little time for a purchase

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Deulofeu speaks: «No tragedy».  But Udinese has little time for a purchase

There is confirmation. Gerard Deulofeuprobably supported by the ever-present social media manager, as it should be for an Instagram profile with 1,700,000 followers, he’s also brilliant on social media.

On Saturday he entrusted his bitter sensations to a post (replicated on Twitter) after the confirmation that he will have to have surgery on his right knee to stabilize it and prevent him from wasting time in further chases, such as the useless one made after November 12, when he came out in tears from the Maradona stadium in Naples, only to be convinced – or be convinced in Barcelona by the guru Jto Carles Monllau Garcia that it was a “recoverable” sprain, only to later realize, in Marassi, against Sampdoria, after two months of absence (mitigated in the duration by the break for the World Cup) that the joint in the right leg was “wobbler”.

Well, the photo posted on Saturday is basically the grimace of last Saturday’s photo, when under a close-up he announced: “See you tomorrow.”

Promise kept, too bad the Appointment with the championship it lasted 14 minutes in total, between coming on as a substitute and being replaced in the 91st minute.

He writes it clearly: no angry words, just a grimace. “For me it is not a tragedy. It’s a new opportunity. It will be the third time that, unfortunately, I will spend in the operating room, but in each of these I have been able to see and feel that it has helped me to grow, both personally and professionally.

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I will face this tough test giving the best of myself, being happy to have next to people who give life to me and support me», concludes Deulofeu before thanking him. “Thank you for every message of support, I feel you are very close.”

And below, on the bulletin board, a whole series of encouragements, starting with that of one of Barcelona’s greats who saw him make his debut in star football, Andres Iniesta.

Given the trend, it is useless to hope that Deulofeu will be able to return before May, at best. More probable that he uses the time – as he said – to get back on his feet and start a new adventure, presumably not with the Udinese shirt on, even if in the summer, with only one year of contract in place, it is difficult price tag Gino Pozzo can write 20 million.

The fact remains that Udinese now have a few days to evaluate a possible addition. Tomorrow’s match against Verona to face Beto e Success up front with the solo Nestorovsky reserves could affect the final rush of a market that will close on Tuesday at 20.

Croatian faded Broccolifinished at Fiorentina, understood that the 24-year-old Swiss-Dominican Woeunder Augsburg, is dealing with a physical problem that will keep him away from the fields for a month, one could opt for an “old dragon”: that of the Turks from Gaziantep, the 32-year-old Alexander Maximnot convincing, to evaluate the free agent from Tigres (in Mexico) Thauvin, a 30-year-old French ex-Marseille. Hypothesis.

Concretely, there is the signing of a striker for Primavera, from the Atalanta school: the class of 2003 Simone Lozza who played in C with Tavarnelle.

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