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Di Battista: “I’m going to Russia. I bought the ticket at the travel agency”

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Di Battista: “I’m going to Russia. I bought the ticket at the travel agency”

Rome, June 17, 2022 – Alessandro Di Battista is leaving for the Russia, where he will remain at least a month and a half. It was the former M5s himself who announced it on Twitter. “In the next few hours I will go to Russia. I will write reports for Il Fatto Quotidiano and I will shoot a documentary for Tv Loft Official. This is what I love to do and, moreover, I think it is useful to know what they think” on the other side “. I will update you “.

Alessandro Di Battista from Istanbul announces: “I’m going to Russia”

“I will travel alone, by public transport, but I will not tell the stages otherwise I will end up with Salvini … “, first dig against the leader of the League, who had announced long ago that he wanted to go to Russia, sparking strong controversy when it emerged that the Russian embassy was anticipating the travel money (Officially for the problems of the exchange rate in rubles, ed). Then Di Battista sinks the blow right on Salvini’s ticket: “I made the ticket for myselfin a travel agency … “.

The idea of ​​embarking on this journey was born in April, writes Di Battista, “after just over a month from the outbreak of the war, listening to the excellent correspondent Rai Marc Innaro talking to CartaBianca, I thought it was really interesting to understand what the Russians, in particular those who live outside the big cities, they think of the conflict, of Europe, of sanctions, of Putin, of the approach to China “. So” I started planning a trip to the deepest Russia. “In the video shot in Istanbul Di Battista mentions the film Gone with the Wind” by controversy frankly I do not care “and confirms” happy with the choices I made “.

Papers? All in order: “Before applying for a visa I notified the delegated authority for the security of the Republic and, after obtaining it, the Italian ambassador to Moscow “. The former parliamentarian recalled his thesis on the Russian formalists, and claims to be” passionate about Russian culture and history “, and knowing a little ‘also the language: “even if now I can only order at the restaurant, or take the trains”.

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