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Di Natale on Raspadori: ‘He is ready, Inter would make a deal’

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The former striker: “My no to the big names was a life choice. If I were him, however, I would stay at Sassuolo until the end of the season “

Vincenzo D’Angelo

To explain well what Totò Di Natale was for Italian football, it would be enough to stop and read the numbers: 209 goals in Serie A in 445 games and sixth place all time in our championship, 227 goals with Udinese in all competitions, three titles of top scorer. A phenomenal journey that has brought Totò into history, despite a career spent in the province. Yes, because you can be great even without playing in the top clubs and also have the strength – and the courage – to give up the big jump without regrets. The current coach of Carrarese (Serie C) then tries to go back in time, think as a footballer and analyze the situation of Giacomo Raspadori, a talent on the launching pad from an uncertain future at Sassuolo.

At Christmas, today Raspadori seems to be close to the province, which instead was an element of strength for her. You did not fall in the face of the temptation of Juve, Naples, Milan, Rome …

«But the choice I made I made it at a more mature age and it was above all a choice of life: my family was very well in Udine and I was happy too. There was no reason to change. Raspadori’s situation is different: when a club like Inter is interested in you, one may falter. Giacomo is a strong boy, one who will go a long way. And it has already proved its worth for several seasons ».

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Could you give him some advice, what would you tell him?

«I would suggest finishing the year at Sassuolo and then joining a great team with more awareness. It is one thing to play and grow at Sassuolo, another is to show up at San Siro, with the Inter shirt and with a club that is fighting to win the Scudetto: surely there would be less space and opportunities to play as a protagonist. At least in the immediate future. This is why I am convinced that the best path would be another year in Sassuolo: at Inter he could show off by entering the match in progress, but it would be different ».

But in such cases, isn’t it better to indulge the player’s wish?

«Sassuolo is a serious club, where he grew up and where he is respected. If there was this possibility, they would leave him free to decide. If the desire for Inter is stronger than everything, it will be right to let him go, for the good of all ».

Where he would add to a pack of great forwards.

«Raspadori is also a great team profile: he’s a smart guy, who sees goal well and knows how to play in multiple positions. He is a player like Sanchez to be clear: he can make the first or second striker and has the perfect characteristics to play alongside Lautaro or Dzeko, but also with Correa or Sanchez. And then he has important human values, like Tonali at Milan: humble guys with their feet on the ground and the desire to become protagonists at high levels. Whoever takes young people like this, always makes a bargain … ».

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Raspadori has only scored one goal this season.

«In my second year in Udine I came from a season of 28 goals, then Guidolin arrived and for the first seven games I was unable to score. In these cases you have to be calm, not live the desire for goals with worry but think about playing more for the team. The goal comes by itself and once you break free it’s all downhill. There are periods in which you make a hundred shots and don’t take the door and others that when you touch it, you throw it inside ».

The experience in the national team then enriched him.

«Blue helps you mature quickly. When I was summoned, I was trying to steal the secrets from the champions who played with me. And he will have done the same, even winning the European Championship ».

Well, maybe you would like to play in the Champions League right away?

«I repeat, I would close the year at Sassuolo and then go. In these cases the train does not pass just once: if Inter is there today, it will also be there in the summer. And maybe Real or another big player in Europe will arrive in July. In the end, it all depends on what you do on the pitch and he would still have months as a protagonist at Sassuolo. Raspadori has talent and age is on his side ».


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