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Dialogue with Li Bingjie: Only after his tempering can he succeed-Xinhuanet Sports

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At the age of 19, Li Bingjie broke the Asian record for the women’s 400m freestyle in Tokyo and stood on the top of the Olympic podium.

Xinhua News Agency, Shijiazhuang, August 10th, by wire dialogue with Li Bingjie: Only through hard work can we succeed

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Fan

“I am currently under isolation in Tianjin. After returning to China, the food and accommodation conditions are quite good. I have to adapt to the diet in Tokyo. Isolation is ’14 days + 7 days’, and the food is delicious.” Li Bingjie said. But when it comes to snacks, Li Bingjie sighed, “The team is not allowed to eat snacks, nor are they allowed to have snacks, we can’t.”

At the age of 19, Li Bingjie broke the Asian record for the women’s 400m freestyle in Tokyo, and even stood on the highest point of the Olympic podium-with teammates the women’s 4x200m freestyle relay won the championship and broke the world record. This is not only a self-breakthrough, but also enough to be recorded in the annals of history. A few days ago, the reporter interviewed Li Bingjie, who had returned to China for quarantine with the team.

In this Olympics, Li Bingjie participated in 4 freestyle individual events and a relay event. “Compared with all of them, I am quite satisfied. This is my first Olympic Games. I wanted to get on the podium with the 400-meter self-relay and the 4×200-meter self-relay. “she says.

Li Bingjie frankly said that after the schedule came out, it was indeed very dense, but it was similar to this year’s domestic championship. “I have been prepared in advance, and I probably practiced at this rhythm before the game, so I don’t feel so nervous, as I expected.” She said.

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Speaking of the July 29th relay competition that overwhelmed the US team to win gold, Li Bingjie said: “The relay process is truly unforgettable.” That day, the Chinese swimming team selected Yang Junxuan, Tang Muhan, Zhang Yufei, and Li Bingjie to play, shortly before the start of the game. , The good news came that Zhang Yufei made a strong win in the butterfly single event.

Li Bingjie said: “When the inspection started, we saw on the TV in the inspection room that Zhang Yufei won the single event in the butterfly stroke. Sister Fei raised the national flag and played the national anthem, which stimulated our fighting spirit!”

In the fourth shot, Li Bingjie saw the outstanding performance of the three teammates and felt that his fighting spirit had been stimulated.

“In the last few tens of meters, I watched her (Ledki from the United States) swimming. Normally, I breathed on the left, but I couldn’t see her, but in order to see her clearly, I changed my breath on the right. I told myself. , I want to withstand, I want to withstand, gritted my teeth and rushed for the last 10 meters.” Li Bingjie said.

Li Bingjie told reporters that the relay was her most tense one since she was a child. Before the fourth shot, her brain was blank. She didn’t know what she was doing. Before she got on the jumping platform, her hands shook so hard that she couldn’t control it.

Speaking of the gains and shortcomings of the trip to Tokyo, Li Bingjie said: “In the Olympics, I can feel more pressure than participating in other international competitions. I was shocked to see Zhang Yufei’s raising the national flag and playing the national anthem. I will learn from my teammates and seniors. , And strive to carry the banner together in the future. Because I participate in more events, I feel that I cannot support it later.”

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After winning the Olympic gold medal, Li Bingjie and the coaches who coached and helped him before, including parents, sent a message on WeChat. “Thank you, thank you mom and dad. They always encouraged me when I was in the trough. Without their company at that time, I might not be able to make it through.” Li Bingjie said.

It is well known to the outside world that after the Jakarta Asian Games, this “genius girl” was deeply troubled by injuries and other problems. “I really fell to the bottom, and it’s hard to resume training every day. Once I ran, it was snowing, and I cried as I ran. It’s the same when I was in the water. I practiced from 3pm to 9pm.” Li Bingjie said, “I thought at the time, Hold on and see what happens in the next competition until you win the National Championship in January this year, and prove that you are right to persist.”

After the quarantine period, the National Games cycle will soon be transferred, and the reunions and holidays Li Bingjie is looking forward to will be postponed. “I haven’t started launching these days, but the coach arranged to do some physical training on land in the house.” Li Bingjie said, “I want to play a lot! I want to go to Shanghai Disneyland, I want to go to Guangzhou Changlong. I should be after the National Games. If you can go home during holidays, you should accompany your parents more.”


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