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Dimarco and Lautaro are not enough Inter are stopped by Sampdoria

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Nerazzurri twice in advantage but Yoshida and Augello sign the equalizer In the final the Sampdoria play in numerical superiority and touch the coup


Missing the blow of the knockout at Inter, the Nerazzurri waste too much at Ferraris and ends 2-2 against Sampdoria.

Inter is on the piece and at the first lunge puts the arrow with the force of punishment from the edge of Dimarco: the left stone of the number 32 is a missile that ends the race at the intersection of the goalposts. Inter stings with Lautaro (the Dorian goalkeeper rejects) but must surrender in the 33rd minute when there is rush hour traffic in front of Handanovic. From the corner, everyone tries a bit: the last attempt is by the Japanese Yoshida, his shot is fouled by Dzeko and the Nerazzurri goalkeeper can do nothing. Here we understand that this Inter has courage and personality, it does not take a step back but a hundred forward to get back on the fast lane. Skriniar takes off with a header in the 41st minute but his shot touches the crossbar, then in the 44th minute Lautaro’s close touch on Barella’s masterful cross from the right deserves an extra applause: 2-1 with a masterpiece action. A work of art, however, is also Sampdoria’s draw when the second half started two minutes ago with Bereszynski’s valuable play from the left: the cross was picked up by Audero, his left-footed volley ended up behind the innocent Handanovic.

Inter did not go haywire but immediately organized the replica for the trio: first Perisic’s cross shot was not deflected for a matter of millimeters by Dzeko with the door wide open (7 ‘), then Adrien Silva miraculously saves in recovery on Lautaro launched at the net (8 ‘), finally at 11 Calhanoglu there is a highway in front: his low shot ends up to the side by very little.

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Sampdoria, however, has the merit of always remaining with a high center of gravity, it suffers but manages to restart for the counterattack. Like Caputo’s at 30 ‘, Damsgaard overlaps: his diagonal overcomes Handanovic but not D’Ambrosio who saves on the goal line. The curtain falls, it is a tie that can still cheer everyone up. –

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