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Dimsa and the last layup “It was our scheme that was working And losing so it burns”

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The Lithuanian winger of TvB on the decisive action in Szombathely “We just missed, now we want to win all the next ones”


The difference between considering the next two Champions League matches with Riga and Aek little more than training with matches to be experienced with the heart in the throat passes through a ball which, leaning against the glass, turns on the iron and then comes out. It is of course what Tomas Dimsa threw at 39’58 “the other night in Szombathely: if he had entered, Treviso by now would already have triumphantly qualified for the Top 16 and we would be talking about the only team capable of knocking down the Hungarian Falcon twice. . However, this was not the case. Hand-eating stuff. Now, having in any case safeguarded the goal difference, clearly it will be necessary to win the remaining two (14 December in Riga, 22 at Palaverde against Aek) or in any case get on par with the Hungarians, always taking into account that there could still be an arrival at three teams. Mission not impossible but, of course, still to be achieved.

And all because of a few centimeters… «The last action? It was a scheme that had worked well before – reveals Dimsa – it’s a shame because we missed it very little. It happens, we hope to make up for it in the next few, however we are sure we can play it with everyone and also in Hungary we proved it on a difficult field. It is our first defeat, it burns a bit but it can be there, now we want to win the next ones to go through ».

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We had already talked about the difficulties encountered in Hungary and they were clear to everyone: to win, in addition to the famous siren shot, it would take, apart from everything else, a barely decent Sims, a Jones who occasionally also looked towards the basket and not always the teammate to pass the ball to and a slightly less off-center Imbrò. “Wednesday was a tough match – continues Dimsa – we had ups and downs, of course: we started well, then in the second quarter (7 points, ed) we struggled, but in the second half we regrouped. In the last two quarters we defended hard and managed to get back into the game, at the end we were a bit unlucky but the games go like this: every now and then it goes well, every now and then it doesn’t end as you would like ».

And on Sunday at 17.30 Nutribullet will return to Assago, to face that Armani Milano from which they took 40 points (but with a mixed starters-kids) in the Super Cup the day after winning the Q Round against Minsk. This time of course the music will be different, even if at the moment Milan is the most difficult opponent to face. And despite the unexpected defeat, at least in the proportions, for 97-71 remedied in Kazan in the Euroleague and, above all, the loss of the Greek winger Dinos Mitoglu, one of the best this year, who will have to be operated on his left foot after returning in Russia a fracture of the fifth metatarsal. «It was the worst game of this year», thundered coach Ettore Messina. Knowing him, he is one who wants to pour the disappointment of a defeat on the next opponent. And this one of the blows was particularly heavy: it is easy to imagine what he must have said to his people. Here: Treviso is already warned. –

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