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Dinamo and the fans ready to tame a wounded Lioness

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Dinamo and the fans ready to tame a wounded Lioness

Race 4 can give the Sassari the semi-final for the Scudetto. Brescia will have Della Valle, the biancoblù a large audience

SASSARI. It’s match ball, and Dinamo tonight at 9pm at PalaSerradimigni wants him to be the first and only one to reach the semifinals and rediscover the thrill of the match against Milan. The basketball championship playoffs run and the Sassari run more, under 1-0 in Brescia they overturned the series, they lead 2-1 and tonight in front of their fans and RaiSport cameras they can say three and continue to make them dream, they started from sixth place on the grid against the third force of the championship, which race after race has less and less certainty while the biancoblù grow in individuals and in the group, but be careful to feel too safe, because this time Brescia made the journey and an away match always affects , there was time to work off the trip and almost two days to help star Amedeo Della Valle recover from the blow that knocked him out on Friday after just five minutes. There will be, we swear, ready to explain why he was voted MVP of the regular season. As there will be Gabriel, the victim of a stir that did not appear very serious. On the other hand, coach Magro is likely to bring back Moore among the 12 instead of a nervous Moss. But above all there will be a wounded Lioness and a Dinamo who will have to tame her without rushing, without frenzy, thanks to her game and the traps set in race 3, won well beyond the 30 points advantage. constancy in his pivotal men and from time to time the freshness of an extra protagonist. Friday Kruslin in the success in Brescia, Diop two days earlier in Lombardy, all with the glue of Burnell returned to the extraordinary levels of last season, a Gentile who when he feels the air of the playoff always gives something more, the experience of Bilan Logan and Robinson, Treier’s muscles and desire, with the concrete example of Captain Devecchi. The Dinamo group on Friday was also exalted in the warmth of its fans, who after two years of limitations and safety distances have also entered the field, by arrogance, from the first to the last minute and it will be the same tonight. The incitement makes the effort less burdensome, and the +30 with a last quarter from the already written result was useful both to coach Magro and to Piero Bucchi to better manage the minutes of many owners, in view of tonight’s match that becomes decisive, while the former were the foundations on which the passage of the shift is now being built. Dinamo has very solid cutlery, Brescia does not feel out. Coach Bucchi said: “We haven’t done anything yet.” So, do it. (mac)

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