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Dinamo chasing a foreign player

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Once the Ruzzier track has faded, it will be necessary to turn to the foreign market. Tyus Battle the main suspect for a new cut

SASSARI. Yet it moves, yet there is a center. The three days of work under the orders of Piero Bucchi and the forty minutes on Sunday afternoon against Napoli did not bring the victory to Dinamo but provided the new coach with some interesting information about the material available. The Serie A championship now stops for the autumn “window” dedicated to the national teams and for Bucchi there will be plenty of time to work with the group and get a clearer idea of ​​the situation.

Market yes, market no. The departure of Anthony Clemmons, evidently distracted by the Turkish sirens (he then signed with Ankara) opened a leak in the roster, immediately filled with the return to Sassari of Filip Kruslin, who had done very well last season. The Croatian, however, is a guard-wing, he can cover the spots of “one” and “two” very well, but even during the management Pozzecco did not show particularly brilliant skills as a point guard. Are any more news on the way? Everything points to yes.

The center is there. Against Napoli, Mekowulu struck a shot, finally playing a positive game. Everything must be given the right weight, because the opponents lined up only Zerini as the center and the long biancoblù certainly didn’t find impassable obstacles. But his double-double (20 points and 12 rebounds) still counts as a certificate attesting that the former Treviso player is alive and fighting with the Banco. At his side, then, there is now Diop, whose condition can only grow, and as the twelfth and thirteenth, if necessary, there are Borra and Gandini. In short, there is enough to believe that the long sector will remain as it is.

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On the hunt for a play. The shortcomings in the control room manifested since the beginning of the season therefore remain the priority to be resolved and it is therefore on this that the club and the technical staff are focusing. Gentile has adapted quite well to fill a role that is by no means unknown to him, but the short-term goal is to include a role play on the roster. Once the Ruzzier track, armored by Virtus, has faded, at this point Dinamo will necessarily have to turn to the foreign market. This means that, to make room for him, one of the foreigners currently under contract will have to be sacrificed: the main suspect is Tyus Battle, who has disappointed across the board and who, beyond a few high-level plays, has never made a contribution. meaningful to the team. Barring surprises, the cut should be around the corner.

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